Mr President, Commissioner, having listened come Commissioner Reding briefly, I am lost for words due to the fact that it appears to me the this topic is very important.Your Majesty, I"m lost because that words.I"m no lost because that words on one of two people subject.Arthur want to speak, however was lost for words.What, my writer lost because that words?As far as Afghanistan is concerned, we room lost for words.Just the memory of the glimmering beauty leaves me fully lost for words!The small rich boy"s lost because that words!

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Some examples from the web:

Your speech will end up being unusual, nonsensical in ~ times v unconscious repetition, loss that words.You didn"t understand that i knew and you are totally at a loss the words!The president is in ~ a loss because that words.The motivational speaker"s finally at a loss for words.Big Jim at a loss for words.You"re never usually in ~ a loss because that words.I"ve never ever seen popular music at a loss because that words.I"ve never ever seen Rosalie at such a loss for words.


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