Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia is a place of love, research, toil, work, history. But there is art and culture here, too. And when I think of my dad, one of the first restaurants that comes to mind, is this one. He used to go here on special occasions with my mom, and obviously often for work. I have always heard so much about it. I carefully observed the business card of the restaurant, on the desk in his office, I imagined and fantasized what this place might be like and what the people who worked there looked like. The first time I went there myself for business… oh wow how exciting! Embarrassed and inadequate. That’s how I felt. I was 27 years old and I had goosebumps. And to this day I can’t explain (to myself) why I was so excited. To me it was a sacred temple.

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And believe me, the first time I had the good fortune of eating there, it was simply Love. Aimo who, nearing the table, tells the story of his life and work. The origin of the ingredients, or the little tricks for preparing the dishes (like for example how much oil and clarified butter you need for the perfect Milanese steak). And then there is Nadia, Aimo’s childhood friend and partner in life, who silently moves about in the background of the kitchen obstinately carrying on with work, and family. The Moroni story.

Aimo and Nadia. Two names that form one, sweetly melodic sound. Two Tuscan identities from humble beginnings, fused together, working their whole lives, toiling away, they have loved each other making their Place magical, because it’s simple and because it’s inviting. Magic because it’s real. Today this trattoria, which opened way back in the ‘50s, sports a whopping two Michelin stars. The daughter Stefania is the now the head – along with a young but exceptional staff – of what her parents were able to render a temple for real Gourmands. In the kitchen we have Fabio Pisani, from Puglia, and Alessandro Negrini, from Sondrio, who have now taken the reigns of the brigade. In the hall Nicola Dell’Angelo – Maitre – and Alberto Piras – sommelier – have created a synergy in an absolutely harmonious and elegant atmosphere.


Chef Pisani and Chef Negrini

What do you eat at Aimo e Nadia? Traditional Italian dishes. Most (apparently) simple but memorable, like the famous Benedetto Cavalieri durum wheat spaghetti with spring onion and red pepper (you won’t be able to not taste them and I can bet you’ll try to reproduce them at home… sigh… I have never succeeded), and others more complex and refined. There are several menu options or you can eat a “la carte’”.


La Michetta

But whatever you do, please don’t hold back. The culinary experience you will have in places like this is unique. Insuperable. And when you decide to live it, without delay or afterthoughts, let yourselves be guided by the butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes you need to turn off your brain and live by your stomach.

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