This animated silkscreen work, Untitled (Ass Kicking Is on my Mind), by significant writer and artist Dave Eggers is from a bigger project undertaken in the last few years. Pairing drawings of various animals with basic text, Eggers engages his viewers in a humorous, philosophical dialogue. Says Eggers that the pieces, “These paintings evolved to include variety of mammals, and range of dialogues. Periodically the pets question their existence or purpose. Occasionally a i from the Old testimony surrounds them and also in some means gives lock a feeling of mission, however usually there exists tension in between the animal and an unseen God, and also in all instances I shot to carry out the soul of the animal in part way.” Proceeds from this works will go to support Eggers’ non-profit foundation ScholarMatch, which pairs up disadvantaged college students with financialdonors.

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DaveEggers is the writer of ten books, consisting of most recentlyYour Fathers, Where room They? and the Prophets, execute They Live Forever?,The CircleandA Hologram for the King, which to be a finalist for the 2012 National book Award.He is the founder that McSweeney’s, an elevation publishing agency based inSan Francisco the produces books, a quarterly journal ...

DaveEggers is the author of ten books, including most recentlyYour Fathers, Where room They? and also the Prophets, carry out They Live Forever?,The CircleandA Hologram for the King, which was a finalist because that the 2012 National book Award.He is the founder that McSweeney’s, an live independence publishing agency based inSan Francisco that produces books, a quarterly newspaper of new writing (McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern), and a monthly magazine,The Believer. McSweeney’s also publishes Voice of Witness, a nonprofit book series that provides oral history to illuminate human rights crises around the world.Eggers is the co-founder that 826 National,a network that eight tutoring centers approximately the country and also ScholarMatch, a nonprofit organizationdesigned to affix students through resources, schools and donors to make college possible. He resides in north California through his family.Dave Eggers’ drawings and paintingsfeature strange, powerful images the animals, and also plaintive text. The resulting effect is weird spiritual, frequently profound, and also sometimes even humorous.

He is the recipient of a variety of literary, artistic and also philanthropic awards and also prizes consisting of an Addison Metcalfe award from the American Academy that Arts and Letters, a TED Prize, a Dayton Literary peace Prize, a Prix Médicis award, and also an Independent book Award. In2015 that wasthe recipient of theAmnesty international Chair.

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A portion of the proceeds go to Founded by author Dave Eggers, ScholarMatch began as a basic crowdfunding platform and also grew into a full business college-access organization. Ours mission is to make college possible for underserved youth by corresponding students through donors, resources, colleges, and professional networks.ScholarMatch has increased rapidly from serving simply 39 college student in 2010 to functioning with more than 500 students per year. Despite crowdfunded scholarships stay at the core, our college advising, career coaching, and other services are vital part of each student’s university journey.

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