Episode 3 that OWN’s series, If love You Is Wrong was pretty bland good! ~ two fairly mediocre episodes, this week change things right into high gear! The search for the baby continues, as the authorities obtain involved. During the search, we learn about one of the possible suspects in the gyeongju crime – it might surprise you! and also when that’s all said and done, one of our personalities gets attacked!!


You did watch last week’s ILYIW recap, right? If loving You Is not correct 2016 Recap: S5 E2 – 911 Emergency. 

ILYIW picks back up v Kelly, that is tho on the phone with Esperanza, waiting on the cops to get there. Finally, she hears the sirens therefore she goes outside to accomplish them. Once she measures out top top the porch, she doesn’t view the cops – she sees Travis sit in the car. Yet as shortly as those cops started pulling up, he sped off favor nobody’s business!

The cops walk in the home to check around and also find Miss Louise – very sewing she has a pulse so the various other cops have tendency to her till the ambulance gets there. Meanwhile, Steven go to talk to Kelly around what happened. The asks her if she witnessed anything, if she walked with the house, etc., however he kept looking at she strange. Kelly to be like, “I didn’t hear anything or check out anything. I simply walked as much as the door while on the phone v Esperanza and also saw a bloody hand….am i a suspect?” Steven to be like, “No, no. Perform you mind if ns take a picture of the bottom of your shoe? That method we can dominance out if we have your prints.” Kelly to be hesitant, however let them take it a snapshot anyway. Then he asked her if she knew Brad – apparently, miss out on Louise whispered to among the men that Brad to be the one that did all of this. Whaa??

As that’s going on, Natalie is at the hospital with Joey. Together they are taking him to the back, the management pulls her into their office to get Joey registered. They were asking her questions about who the is, she relation come him, etc. But then they asked her if Joey has actually insurance – once she stated no, the lady said, “Hold the thought,” and also walked out of the office. What the heck?! Natalie immediately knew that this wasn’t going to work. Once Lushion lastly comes in, Natalie speak him about what happened and they questioning a nurse around it. She tells them that they will certainly stabilize him and send the to ar – that’s just exactly how it goes.

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Next up, we view Ben talking to Julius at the jail. Ben said, “I dislike Eddie.” Julius was like, “Well just shoot the in the hand favor he walk you!” then Julius said, “You know? I require a cop on mine team. Take my number so girlfriend can contact me.”

We also see Eddie in the dispatch room, fussing in ~ Esperanza about her functioning hours. When he asks where their daughter is, she’s like, “She’s at Kelly’s.” mental you, he was fussing around her gift at Natalie’s because he think she’s ghetto and knows it’s a unstable neighborhood. As soon as he hears that, the says, “Another black one.” I currently hated Eddie before….he’s gonna do me jump v this TV and handle the myself!

But anyway, Eddie called her around Natalie’s boy being shot, i m sorry she knew naught about. Climate she wound up informing him of Alex’s baby’s kidnapping – remember, Alex and Eddie are cousins. Eddie was like, “Really?” Laughing around it. He’s therefore sick.

Then we watch Kelly sit at the house when she phone rings. She believed it was among the girls, but it turned the end to be Terrell and also his mama – they to be on 3-way. His mama was like, “My son has been blowing up her phone ~ above the calling card that ns paid for, and also you won’t even answer. Then you obtained him doing every this time because that you, and I haven’t even seen my own grandson. You simply ain’t no good. No Good!” after ~ some arguing between mother and son, Terrell simply told his mama the he was gonna hang up and he’d contact Kelly back. He did simply that, but Kelly didn’t pick up.

After that, we’re back at the jail, where Eddie allows Julius go. When he allows him out, Eddie tells Julius the he take it Quan out. Julius to be like, “Quan wasn’t top top the list….” Eddie was like, “I know, but he acquired got in a drive-by.” Julius said, “Well you require to discover Claudia and also her mama. If girlfriend don’t obtain it….I acquired you.” Julius has Eddie, and also now he’s prepping Ben. A mess.

Then we view Randal, that is still in the jaw box with the lighter. Together he’s panicking around being able to breathe, liquid starts gift poured ~ above the box and also seeps v the crack – Randal simply starts panicking. I’m suspect it’s lighter fluid, for this reason he may not desire to turn that lighter earlier on.

Then we watch Alex. She’s driving and trying to contact her mama in ~ the very same time. Finally, Virginia answers the phone. Alex asks her around them acquisition her baby, yet Virginia theatre dumb. Alex said, “Mama, I saw you in the truck – you sound like you’re still in it. Where’s mine baby?!” Virginia said, “Somebody took her b*****d? friend sound drunk, reason I don’t know what you’re talk about. I’m in the bed, child.” the wasn’t funny, yet it to be LOL.

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Then we check out Brad and also Marcie flirting v each other. Your phones are both punch up, yet they were trying to stop them. Brad does ignore his, yet he motivates her to answer hers – it’s Kelly. Kelly asks wherein Brad is, and Marcie said she didn’t know. Kelly said her around everything the happened, and also then Steven take it the phone – he speak her around everything that happened and also that her life might possibly it is in in danger. By this point, Marcie had gotten up and also stood in prior of the counter, her ago facing Brad. She speak Steven that she will shot to gain a hold of him and will contact him back. Once she gets off the phone, Brad asked, “Who was that?” Marcie said, “Brad, the mud on her boots is red. The mud at the mountain is brown. Execute you have something come tell me?”

Then every one of a sudden, Brad bring away Marcie increase by she neck!!!

And the was the end of the If love You Is Wrong episode!!

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