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I\"ve Only had actually Arlo for A Day and also A Half is a memorable quote from Brooklyn Nine-Nine \"s character Rosa Diaz expressing she deep bond v her newly got puppy. The declare she do in this occasion has actually been used various times by net users together an immediate and intensively confident reaction to a brand-new character, and also has periodically been used as one exploitable portraying fictional characters\" reactions to a new character or thing.


In January 19th, 2016, the 12th episode of the third season the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, \"9 Days\",<1> was broadcast on Fox. In this episode, among the subplots consists of Rosa Diaz make the efforts to assist Charles Boyle cope through the loss of his dog Jason. At part point, she offers him a puppy named Arlo together a replacement, i beg your pardon Charles refuses, leaving Rosa with a dog. Close to the end of the episode, the subplot reaches its outcome when Rosa organizes a surprise funeral ceremony because that Jason, and gives a decided explaining exactly how adopting Arlo made she truly realize the factor for Charles\"s mourning:

When Jason died, seven days ago, ns didn\"t give a rat\"s ass. Because I didn\"t recognize why people care so much about their dumb dogs… till I gained a dumb dog myself. I\"ve only had actually Arlo for a day and a half, but if anything taken place to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. Charles, I\"m sorry. Friend don\"t have to get over it. Take as long as you want.

The earliest still-existing source for this speech on the net is a TVGag page<2> with 4 MP4 videos native Jason\"s funeral, the last 2 of i m sorry containing the infamous quote. The oldest photo containing the complete sentence is a Gif native a now deactivated Tumblr account<3>.


The oldest parody of the scene dates from march 23rd, 2017, once user mam Pererine, on the website Oro Jackson, a site dedicated to the shonen One Piece, posted the quote as two subtitled shots, through Sir Crocodile\"s face photoshopped top top Rosa\"s<5>, as a referral to the opening illustration that the thing 860.


Starting native 2017, numerous Tumblr short articles started using this quote to define the relationship between two fictional characters. On march 31st, influenced by a currently deleted post<6> indigenous the Tumblr blog untrue BHNA Quotes, Tumblr user help-how-do-i-name-my-blog post a photoshopped variation of the scene v Todoroki Shouko together Rosa and also Midoriya Izuku together Arlo<7> (shown below, left), commenting: \"their short article competition connection in a nutshell\". On July 21st, Tumblr user Conejos uploaded a comparable fanart<8> the Fat Gum and Kirishima Eijirou, tho from the shonen mine Hero Academia (shown below, right).

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On July 28th, 2017, Tumblr user crystalzenaida uploaded a version of the scene<9> with Feh, one owl who shows up in the video clip game Fire Emblem Heroes, appearing as Arlo, with this comment: \"They gave the Borb a voice. She have to be protected.\" This is the very first of countless occurrences that this meme wherein Arlo is the just one photoshopped as a fictional character, and the uploader is implied come relate come Rosa. This is exactly how the picture was mostly used popularly through the notice of Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019. For example, Tumblr user pixelpulp make art v Scorbunny after the Ppkémon to be announced in the style of the template, acquiring over 900 note (shown below, right).