Q i’m a straight 24-year-old female who has actually known mine fiance since freshman year that college. He has a fetish whereby he likes to watch women use the bathroom. I knew this, having actually seen several of his porn at an early stage on, and also I accepted it. We all have kinks. However while peeing in former of someone isn’t that large of a deal, shitting in prior of who is hard.

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So we had actually a lovely night going, as soon as I had to poop. We went into the toilet together. That got really horny, but I can not go. I stated I to be sorry, perhaps I’ll be more relaxed later, and also he goes, “Well, stop fuck in below in case you have to go.” He want to execute it sit on the toilet through me ~ above top. No go. Too hard, so us went in my room and also had amazing sex and also smoked a joint. I wanted to have actually sex again, yet he wanted to wait to watch if I could go. The said, “Drink part coffee! acting a cigarette!” ns love him and also want to be GGG, but the pressure turned me off.

(1) Is this my fault because that bringing that up? (2) to be his pressuring me wrong? (3) how should I approach this case without sounding favor a bitch? —Pressured over Observable Performance

A (1) you didn’t execute anything wrong as soon as you brought it up, POOP, and also he didn’t perform anything wrong once he obtained excited around the opportunity of having actually his fantasy realized.

(2) Yes. Yet excited her fiance was around finally establish his watch-my-girl-take-a-shit fantasy, he shouldn’t have actually pressured you come perform once it ended up being clear the it wasn’t gonna happen. (And he shouldn’t encourage you come smoke cigarettes; those points will kill you.) Shitting in front of someone—and this is hoping it is as far as his attention in poop goes—isn’t easy, POOP, and badgering you i will not ~ help. Her fiance, if he knows what’s an excellent for him, will hang back, permit you collection the pace, and also thank his happy fucking stars the he discovered someone who’s willing to also try.

(3) “I know you’re excited, honey, and also it excites me to view you so excited. But dial it ago a bit, OK? following time ns feel choose I can provide it a try, i will definitely let girlfriend know. But every one of this push is do me feeling constipated. And also you don’t want that, right?”

Q ns an 18-year-old male. After 3 years that silence, mine ex-girlfriend texted me the end of the blue. She to be my very first love, and part of my heart still aches because that her. I feel prefer the smart thing to do is to protect against talking come her right now, however my heart states if I store at it, i might be able to win her back. Many of her messages sound flirtatious, yet it could just be me being optimistic. She even said, “I nothing think of you as an ext than a friend. However I would be open up to a relationship if ns started having actually feelings because that you again.” Is this a shed cause? Or perform I need to provide it an ext time and also see just how it develops? —Love and also Memories Enflamed

A pardon me, LAME, because that what I’m around to type.

You’re being used. Your ex-girlfriend sent that out-of-the-blue text due to the fact that she wanted to feeling wanted. Perhaps she obtained dumped recently, or perhaps she’s in the middle of a dried spell, or possibly she’s simply selfish and cruel. However all she’s after here—most likely—are the ego increases your texts provide. And to save those increases coming, LAME, she dangling a small false hope in front of you: she told you the truth so she wouldn’t need to admit come herself the she’s a manipulative liar (she just thinks the you as a friend) and then tacked on part meaningless, impossible-to-disprove crap (a relationship could be possible if she starts to have actually feelings because that you again) to keep you texting.

You date her 3 years ago . . . when you to be 15. You’re no in love v her, LAME, you’re in love v the means she made you feel. Over there are various other girls the end there who have the right to make girlfriend feel the way. Go find one.

Q ns a 35-year-old GGG married male v a 33-year-old not-so-GGG wife. We’ve been together 17 years and married 4 months. She to be a virgin as soon as we met, and she’s never ever been too sex-related a person. I’m a very sexual person, however she retained me satisfied through oral, dress-up, sex in different places—things prefer that. Things really started to fall off sexually approximately our tenth year together. When I discussed it, she claimed that she felt ns was never ever going to marry her, therefore why must she provide me 100 percent? I reap oral and watching ladies masturbate, and she wouldn’t perform either and also blamed that on the marriage thing. Five years later, I offered her the big wedding she wanted. Ns actually gain being married. Now, here’s my dilemma: She won’t carry out anything besides classic sex—and only as soon as she’s awake sufficient to actually have actually sex, and also I constantly have come initiate. When I point out things like dental or toys or masturbation, she states she feels uncomfortable law things like that. If she would have told me this before, mine decision to obtain married could have to be different. I don’t desire her to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable or degraded. Yet in my opinion, what I’m asking for is no “kinky,” absolutely when compared to some of the points I can be into.

We’ve had actually this discussion consistently transparent our brief marriage, through no sign of her also trying. Am i doomed to a bad marriage, or is there something I deserve to do? due to the fact that talking isn’t working. Ns feel she lied come me to acquire me come marry her, and now ns don’t recognize what come do. Any kind of advice is appreciated. —Lots of sexual Tension

A every your choices are bad, LOST.

Stay married, continue to be faithful, and also stew in your own frustration and resentment until you die; continue to be married, cheat with cause, and also hope you don’t gain caught; notify your spouse the you’re not going to ask her to do things she’s no comfortable with however you’re additionally not going to ask for she permission to perform those things with various other women, and be actors as the villain as soon as she papers for divorce; or begin the divorce yourself, find a brand-new partner, and also make certain your brand-new partner both enjoys sex and enjoys the type of sex friend do prior to you marry her. (Hint: if she likes sex, and also likes the ingredient you like, she’ll desire to perform that stuff whether you married to her or not.)

Sorry, LOST, yet that’s all ns got.


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