Shot from Gabriel Gundacker’s music video clip for his song “I require to satisfy Richard Dreyfuss” (Source: Gabriel Gundacker/YouTube)

Gabriel Gundacker is a man who met Richard Dreyfuss — but not before writing whole concept album around wanting to accomplish him.

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Gundacker’s music video clip for his track “I require To satisfy Richard Dreyfuss” (Source: Gabriel Gundacker/YouTube)Gundacker also makes amusing vines around many various other things, consisting of IMDB.com, acquiring to understand neighbors, and Mountain Dew — all of which are topics of large comedic potential. (Clearly.)

A vine by Gabriel Gundacker about nuts (Source: Gabriel Gundacker/Vine)

Luckily, Gundacker was generous sufficient to answer nine short-interview inquiries via Email around how he became interested in creating a record about Richard Dreyfuss, meeting Dreyfuss, and his musical and comedic influences.

1) might you describe how you became interested in do a record roughly the concept of Richard Dreyfuss? What music room you thinking around crafting next (it i will not ~ be about Richard, i presume)?

I took pleasure in writing the very first song around meeting Richard Dreyfuss, and also I assumed it would be funny to do an entire album about him. There wasn’t too lot thought beyond that.

I’m not certain what ns going to do next musically, but I absolutely have plans come do one more comedy album. And also no, it will not be about Richard. I’ve moved on…

2) Generally, what perform you take into consideration your musical and also comedic impacts (music/books/movies) but, more importantly, how have they affected you or what have actually you learned indigenous them?

Steve Martin and Tim and also Eric were my idols once I experienced their stuff in middle school/high school, and also they tho are.

I’m not certain how comparable what I execute is come what castle do; ns feel dirty talking about myself in the very same paragraph as them.

3) How has actually your experience been make a living/money from your music and also comedy?

It’s been fine therefore far. I’m just happy to have the ability to be payment my rent and having time to invest fooling around making whatever I want v my friends and roommates.

4) have you played any shows singing your songs around Richard Dreyfuss?

I haven’t really performed that live, yet I would certainly love to perform the whole album someday, yet make a whole show approximately it quite than simply sing it right up.

5) exactly how did the album artwork because that I Wanna fulfill Richard Dreyfuss come right into existence? that all was involved in producing it?

Dillon Moore walk the artwork because that the album. He killed it. He has some arts I’ve viewed him carry out very comparable to the cover art, and I simply asked if he would certainly be willing to produce something in that style for me.

It’s funny, a tiny off-putting, and also that fits the ton of the album. The entirety thing is much more off-putting than human being have been saying. Type of a creepy album. Nice great.



Cover artwork because that Gundacker’s record I Wanna accomplish Richard Dreyfuss (Credit: Dillon Moore)

6) What was meeting Richard like?

Someone messaged me top top Twitter that he was in Clearwater while I remained in Orlando record this album around how I’d wish I had actually met him. So ns was like, “Well i should most likely go fulfill him then.”

I bought two tickets for my friend to film me, and put a microphone top top me for once I went increase to fulfill him.

We had actually to sit v a whole screening of Jaws prior to the Q&A. Jaws is my favourite movie, yet I might not gain it. So anyway, shark blows up, and also the Q&A starts. And also there’s prefer a line of 6 world in former of me. So before I could ask a question, this girl walk up and also asks Mr. Dreyfuss about his favorite movies, and also he proceeds to define the whole plot of some 30’s western because that a literal eight minutes. And also all I’m reasoning is the I’m not gonna obtain to walk up and this expedition to “Clearwater, Florida!” was all for naught.

Thankfully, the moderator was damaging and allowed people to save asking questions after that, and so i went up and also blew out the mic trying come say “Hello Mr. Dreyfuss.” that knew that I was, carried me up, and gave me a handshake. That was an extremely nice and, you nothing hear it on the album, yet he mentions about how his son had vouched for me no being a stalker. Ns don’t understand if he would still vouch for me after this album. They have not responded at all, and also I do not reprimand them. Sort of a creepy album. Nice great.

The song “Goodbye, Richard Dreyfuss” by Gabriel Gundacker (Source: Gabriel Gundacker/Bandcamp)

7) You learned Comedy Writing and Performing at Columbia university Chicago. How did the equip friend with an abilities you use currently all the time?

I loved it, largely for the professors and also friends ns met there.

My former professor is directing my existing sketch present I’m performing through my previous classmate. A an excellent program; I would not be arranged without it.

8) What are some other comedians and/or musicians that are creating things currently that you would recommend?

Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s “On Cinema” universe. Ns love Lady Dynamite and Tim Robinson, who is writing for SNL and had a episode on Netflix’s “Characters(z?),” and also I am yes, really excited about his upcoming show, “Detroiters.” Kyle Mooney and also Conner O’Malley room all inspiring and hilarious. I love my hilarious net friends Cole Hersch, Danny Gonzales, Victor Pope Jr., and my gangly roommate, Jack Bensinger.

I listen to individual songs more than albums or artists. However I love Cory Henry, James Blake, Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar obviously. Largely I listen to 70's-80's R&B, because I guess i am quiet trying come subconsciously impress my Dad v my expertise of his era of music. Recently I’ve been listening come The Jones Girls. Therefore if you desire to hear to exactly what ns was listening to in so late June of 2016, here’s your guide!

9) What advice around making music, writing, and performing would you offer to a young artist today?

Be very very proud and reverent of your influences, but likewise make sure to steal indigenous them liberally. You can speak to it being inspired if girlfriend want.

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Usually as soon as I create a song, it’s based turn off a certain song I’ve simply heard and also fallen in love with and also am make the efforts to make my very own version of.