1. To be frustrated to the allude of exasperation (with who or something). In this usage, the phrase deserve to be followed with "up come here" together an intensifier. I called a babysitter due to the fact that I"ve had actually it through toddler temper tantrums today. I"ve had actually it increase to right here with the lack of raises at this job. Why carry out I even bother putting forth effort every day?
2. To it is in in finish disrepair; to be fully worn out. These boots have had it—the sole has totally worn far in some spots.

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3. To be in a case that is unlikely to succeed. The coach is searching for offensively gifted players, so ns guess I"ve had actually it.
4. To be exhausted; to have actually no an ext energy. I just got back from a complete day in ~ work and also a pilgrimage to the gym, for this reason I"ve had actually it.
to have actually reached the end of one"s endurance or tolerance. (When provided with as much as here, can be accompanied by a gesture, such together the hand hosted at the neck.) Okay, I"ve had it. You children go come bed this instant. We"ve all had actually it increase to here with you, John. Get out!
1. Also, have had it as much as here. Have endured all one can, together in I"ve had it with their delays, or She has had it increase to right here with her hour-long commute.
3. Be dead, as in His heart just stopped; he"d had actually it. All 3 colloquial usages, which appear to it is in shortenings that have had actually enough, date from the mid-1900s.
1. If girlfriend say the someone has had it, you median they room in an extremely serious trouble or have actually no expect of succeeding. Unless she loses part weight, she"s had actually it. He wants actors who can speak Welsh. Clear I"ve had actually it.
2. If you say that you have had it, you average that friend are very tired native doing something and also do not want to proceed doing it. I"ve had actually it. Let"s speak to it a day.
3. If you say the you have had actually it v someone or something, you average that friend are really angry with them and also do not desire to have anything more to execute with them. I"ve had actually it v that type of therapy of Americans. Note: friend can likewise say that you have had it approximately here v someone or something with the exact same meaning. One parent, justifying her selection of school, said: `I"ve had actually it up to right here with state schools".

have had actually it

1 it is in in a really poor condition; be past repair or past its best. 2 be extremely tired. 3 have actually lost all opportunity of survival. 4 be can not to tolerate who or something any longer. Informal

have ˈhad it

(informal) 1 it is in in a an extremely bad condition; be can not to be repaired: This television’s had it; we’ll have actually to acquire a brand-new one. ♢ The auto had had actually it.2 be extremely tired: I’ve had it! I’m going to bed.3 have actually lost all opportunity of enduring something: when the van smashed right into me, I believed I’d had it.4 be going to endure something unpleasant: Dad observed you scratch the vehicle — you’ve had it now!5 (also have had actually it up to right here (with somebody/something)) be unable to accept a situation any type of longer: I’ve had actually it with him — he’s permit me down as soon as too often. ♢ I’ve had actually it increase to below with these taxes forms.

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