The struggle novel is currently a comic! Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn right into a mrs at sundown. Come turn ago into a man, he has to sleep with various other men! Alto confesses his trouble to the handsome bad-boy knight sir Lloyd, who's just too happy to aid him out. Alto shouldn't be enjoy it this, however why walk it feeling so good!? and then there's teacher Lune, the well-mannered knight-in-shining-armor Alto has always admired, who's worried around Alto, too... Enjoy this one-of-a-kind story!This work consists of both straight and also gay themes.

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Alto discovers sir Lloyd in the library through a woman again. Can't the man keep his hand to himself for 2 seconds...?<29pages>

Alto learn he's to be cursed come turn right into a mrs at sunset. That sets out to discover a means to break his curse.<30pages>

Alto desperately searches for the mrs who gave Lloyd the liquid that placed the curse on him.<29pages>

Alto is almost caught by sir Lune in his mrs form. The searches for a method to escape indigenous him.<30pages>

Sir Lune invites Alto right into his room to apologize. Alto is surprised at just how well-mannered and respectful the is, despite what occurred at night in the library.<32pages>
Alto wonders how he might enter the international university and get few of the cacao to rest his curse.<32pages>
Alto learns the the Magic room is closing at the orders of master Visele after a theft was committed there.

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Alto returns to sir Lune's room to pick up his things. Teacher Lune supplies to escort Alto home, however Alto refuses.<33pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed come turn right into a woman. Come turn earlier into a man, he has to have sex with one more guy! thing 11<30pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed come turn into a woman. To turn ago into a man, he needs to have sex with another guy! thing 12<35pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed come turn right into a woman. To turn back into a man, he needs to have sex with another guy! chapter 13<34pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn into a woman. Come turn ago into a man, he needs to have sex with an additional guy! thing 14<30pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed come turn into a woman. To turn ago into a man, he has to have sex with an additional guy! thing 15<33pages>
Alto, a novice librarian, is cursed to turn right into a woman. To turn earlier into a man, he needs to have sex with another guy! chapter 16<27pages>


author : Yakanstory : Misaki Inoripublisher : DeNIMOSeries : ns Turned into a Girl and Turned on all the Knights! -I need to have Sex to rotate Back!-Nyotaika Shita Boku wo Kishi-samatachi ga Nerattemasu Otoko ni Modoru Tame ni wa Dakareru Shika Arimasen
5110dragontailI need to admit this acquired me yes, really hooked. I have already read both chapters number of times. I can"t wait to obtain the next!4583
520LangeThis one has a really setup of combining both mature erotica through boys love, even though the MC is pretty much a trap trap through those looks. The idea may seem apparent but somehow i haven"t viewed manga however which went the way. Lloyd (the blond guy) is my favourite for now but I carry out hope the they will flesh the end Lune much more in the coming chapters. If this collection goes on long sufficient then there already was even a potential 3rd candidate already! Looking forward to the comes chapters!Good smutNice styleMediocre storyMuch funNote: includes a smaller sized amount of crowd rape in one of the chapters, so review by your very own discretion.4725
217AlexI liked the key character, Alto, together he is adorable, but additionally really fiesty! It"s fun to witness that yell in ~ the world who space jerks in the direction of him! Unfortunately, after getting part way through volume 3, I had actually to stop reading and abandon this series. There are just too countless instances of compelled sex, i m sorry I uncover really uncomfortable to read. It"s claimed to it is in sexy, i guess, but to me it just comes off as morbid. Alto is regularly asking his sexual partner to prevent (repeatedly), come no avail, and he seems normally upset. There does it seems to be ~ to be a story come follow, yet the main focus here is certainly the sex. Ns recommend you avoid if you"re trying to find a fleshed out plot line, but read if you"re after a sexy story, and don"t psychic its dark side.7663
513Mrsmangame123I love this manga! It has actually made all my smutty desires come true, hehe! The art is great! The circulation of the story is great, it"s not simply smexy time here. Yet boy, lemme tell you it gets hot up in this castle! i love that this can be one of two people MFM or MMM, delish! i really want this to it is in a forever threesome, b/c ns couldn"t choose in between Lloyd the princely playboy v a true heart or Lune the respectful and also loyal guard v a freaky side, meow! bad Alto! Decisions, decisions! This is a terrific fantasy comedy that has a lot of steam and sweet moments and a really interesting story. I have a feeling who is behind the curse and also I can"t wait to find out just how this every plays out for Alto and his men. 6055
511trident-gaming.net0qpprf3bqI hate to admit how addictive this is come read.The few non realistic concerns I have actually with this room negligible to the allude it doesn"t stroked nerves me as lot as other series do, and as annoying together it may be come others ns wont even fancy on what lock are. Im no talking around the curse either...I"m a guy. This is every good. 10/10 Fapable5075
58eboorenta0ml61niijI can"t believe how invested ns am with these three!! The story alone is a very vivid principle on the BL front, I"m hoping an ext of the story comes the end soon! Awesome book to read!4858
54AkikosamaHonestly, I"m not into yaoi but this series is simply so utterly adorable i can"t resist reading it! and also poor Alto. . . . Having two handsome males madly in love with you is hard enough even for a woman, let alone a young boy with zero endure with romance. I mean, at first, i was completely rooting because that Lloyd to success Alto"s heart however now Lune has likewise grown on me through his very own white prince/knight personality. And seriously Alto is amazing! Bless his little heart but he needs much more ambition if he that talented! Dream large Alto! Anyways, return I have no idea which method the ending will swing, I"m actually type of hoping that somehow the curse will certainly evolve or mutate so Alto have the right to keep his female type and provide those 2 yummy hunks the cutest babies ever~! however SERIOUSLY - I just FINISHED thing 13 and also I require 14! The wait is walk to kill me!7454
51sasaraRHI love this series and need much more updates!! it is jot, there"s sex bend, openness, BL, warm ass three-somes, and also the personalities are beautiful drawn!! The H scenes, talk around needing a ice cream cold water- so damn hot!! Granted i have read to the most existing ch, and also i yes, really hope the three-some not only stays, but Alto chooses to uncover a means to it is in a girl. Spoilers- i think he wants to be through the knights and actually delighted in being a girl. That claimed i also love the Lloyd and Lune were so agree of their feelings for simply Alto and also loved him/her. I want more updates ASAP. That a an excellent read(although if you don"t prefer BL, three-somes, or sex bends- this more than likely isn"t because that you) yet i very recommend and also give this 10/5 stars if ns could. Its mine favorite together i love the arts style, the storyline, character breakthrough and everything around this series! Enjoy.21778
41BLenthusiast7This is one of my favorite manga. There room two knights, who space brothers, who finish up falling because that the same guy. This story tends to emphasis a bit much more on the sex scenes however there is quiet a an excellent story develop as you proceed reading. The main reason ns did not give this manga a 5 star rating was since there is a dub-con scene (non-consensual sex scene) whereby it was a quite explicit. If you execute not favor these scenes, I recommend to check out with caution together there is just one step of this so far in the book. 21266
51wolfsama21Very cute book of what I"ve read. Would certainly recommend to others^^20355
51MadHatteranime88I can"t get sufficient of this manga i love it 12418
41sherrsabvery interesting however there is no as much yaoi together I would certainly like. 9047
41123abdithe art and translation space high quality yet these chapters space too shortcalling them volumes is not precise at all.8757
51AlyssianreiThere"s a great balance between character development, romance, spiciness, and also plot. Not to cite a believable factor to have a gender swap in the story. I"m completely hooked and also can"t wait because that the author to release the following volume! 8719
51Scarletdollie5This is such a cute story!! I desire to cry! ns bought every copy and I expect there is an ext soon! 4927
51lavendersoapVery pretty artwork and sufficient storyline to do me wonder what"s walking to take place next. Looking front to the following volume.4828
51pikapikapiI yes, really low this one! I"m on thing 3 and also have read these over and over i can"t wait for the updates! 4626
51animepieThat was actually pretty interesting. I4585
51mariais28Love it love that can"t wait come see an ext of this i love this story sooo an excellent 4584
40KnotiaA nice somewhat out there principle executed well. It is additionally paced fine from what I have read so far.26499
10resincandyQuite disappointed, due to the fact that I assumed the storyline had actually a the majority of potential. The main character is all at once a Gary Stu and Mary Sue. Too much smut because that my taste.25526
50FionnJaguLove this. I think the story is interesting, def. Other else, the personalities likeable and the "special scenes" really ? 25519
50pikayodaCan"t wait for the next issue!! ns love just how a woman"s love is the same as a man"s heart no issue which vessal the heart is in, the result is tho the same! Love is universal!!24787
50BunnyLuvThis series had lots of twists and also turns. It definitely kept me on my toes from beginning to end.24475
400hRa30hSo far, for this reason good. And I think the professor & the mrs they"re trying to find is one & the same. But I might be wrong. I better read more to find out ns guess.24267
50Mariia16Really reap this manga, open minded surprised by how hooked i am. To be a little dubious in regards to if it would have a the majority of non-con scenes but thankfully does not. Would absolutely recommend!24230
50wallflowersamaWorth reading! It"s type of sweet and lovely come read, I almost thought the was like a shoujo manga haha :D part favorite points I like about it is it that the points that happen are mostly consensual, no forced; and also the characters seem yes, really sweet!23702
50cdwilson2I was never ever a pan of BL, but this story really has actually a way of maintaining your attention. Definitely recommend the ? 22976
501507aeThis is yes, really nice! The scenes room hot and also I love exactly how they adjusted from physics to romantic relationship21288
50leondefrieseIt balances well in between delightful smut and also a curious plot. The personalities are likable, the art is well illustrated, and also the heated, intimate moments space sprinkled in with enough thought the it doesn"t feeling choppy or disruptive. I"ve thoroughly appreciated it so far, and I"m looking front to future updates for sure. 20479
50kitroHonestly, this one"s amazing. Conveniently one of mine favourites. The story is therefore compelling for among a an ext typically spicy variety, and also it"s perfect smutty as well. It simply so well balanced and with likable personalities as well. I want to gush about this collection all the time.19431
50Emily44444444This is so entertaining. It is well drawn and also the plot is together rivetting together the smut. 12/10 would recommend.19320
50MistiousStarI super gain this series, it it s okay pretty heated at the beginning but together you check out on over there is love investment and dives deeper in uncovering the curse. Ns cant wait because that the next chapter, will it it is in the end? 18822
50RollAHealCheckThis has an interesting enough plot. And interesting"plot" which renders this a precious while read.18687
50LadyCris21This had me hooked since the an initial chapter. Ns love the arts style and also the story is in reality cute. Ns love the they love him as soon as he"s a man and a woman. I can"t wait because that the next chapter!18323
50IrisMalloryI love the triangle. I hope alto gets with Lloyd 18042
50NoangeldollLike the story. Feels favor it"s actually going somewhere. 17753
50ChattyK2125I have actually never been much more excited to see an additional volume come out. What will take place next? will certainly Visele reveal the solution? i hope some ways in other methods I choose the curse due to the fact that it keeps all 3 still really connected.17100
20MidianReally don"t treatment for the bits v Viselle. Disappointing. :(16220
40exorcistI favor the story so far. I"m just wondering when the following chapter will certainly be done???16021
50IcyRoseOMG!! It is one of the ideal mangas I"ve ever before read.15764
50RosequeenI obtained to admit I"m hooked ns can"t wait for the next chapters it is prefer a very great manga.15682
50PornfanOk I"m a vast fan of these points where a boy gets turned right into a girl will eventually (I hope) falls in love through the young they hate the many who then fucks castle sincely.15267
50oktober89The art is great and the love triangle is spicy as hell. Didn"t think i would enjoy a sex swaping story therefore much. Team Lloyd every the way!14919
50agisanggiUsually i don"t choose BL, but this manga is an excellent for the plot and makes me carry out not mind around it! the romance plot is good! 14728
40spacefumasterIt"s surprisingly hard to find good gender-swap content, however this is really good. Both writing and art are height quality. A full color edition is likewise available.14693
50eboorenta027ejryimI have actually read most of the series. Ns was shocked at the discovery at the last volume. Review it if you can. I believe that it will cause a love triangle infatuation v the main(character) in the close to future14232
50AlexandraHThis series is so good. Ns absolutely love just how the love triangle is done, and how that portrays the desires and wants and also love of each human in the triangle as simply as valid and true as the next. It"s so cute.13877
50athena70I love this series but there must be a warning for chapter 15, I had actually my misgivings about Viselle but I didn"t intend him come turn right into such a sicko.... Nor the story to obtain so dark. Hanging in over there hoping this is a plot allude to build the story further.13794
50KittyKaitSo commonly going onto MangaRenta! is critical resort and a rapid cheap read... Yet somehow girlfriend have regulated to produce a story around it, and also I am LIVING for it... Please continue tk make great works!13779
50SqueakyBeanThis is just one of the most amazing hentais ns have ever before found, if you took the end the smut (which is amazing by the way) you"d still have actually an amazing and captivating story i m sorry hooked me in! I understand not anyone is in search of story in their smut mangas, yet if you carry out this is a must have piece! The art is an excellent and the characters are so lively they might aswell it is in animated. 13392
40trident-gaming.net0nrflt2igThe story is interresting and cute. Ns really favor that it seems as if teacher lloyd is in reality interrested in Alto Even before he turns i come a girl. I"m yes, really looking front to review the rst that the manga. 13303
50SmithxI love this series! It"s an extremely well drawn, the speed is an excellent and the plot keeps friend hooked! It"s likewise a perfect collection for those who prefer both f/m and m/m. 10/10! 13074
50shy318First observed this in a sponsored advertisement and it obtained me curious and also interested to inspect it out and also it was no disappointing. I favor the plot story and also cannot wait to view the progress of the relationship(s). I likewise ended up analysis all the volumes obtainable in one day and this manga is absolutely a need to read. 13021
50ohwowIt"s a unique and interesting story, the art"s really nice, and also there"s a many sex. Extremely good.12928
50justanoysterCan"t think I just bought and also read all obtainable chapters in like, an hour. The plot is attractive so that i can"t prevent reading and also want to understand what"ll happen next, the sexy scenes is a plus. It"s a an excellent balance in between smut and also story. Every main characters are charming in their very own ways. Every I could say is that I"m no disappointed in spending my money top top this. Recommended12635
50cimoedhSo far so good. I choose the premise, and the art is quite too. Both knights have their own charm and also can be cute at times. 12604
50arancia9515it"s a great story, obtained hooked yes, really quick12559
40MurrayLove it so far!!12488
40GoliathPeterson123Pretty good, I"d choose a bit much more romance focus, though...12459
50hyakuyasUnexpectedly interesting! Steamy scenes aside, the plot it s okay thicker with a potential antagonist.. No spoilers yet definitely will certainly recommend this manga!12354
50Randomuser123It was really an excellent 12212
50LunaI love it so lot I"m on pins and also needles I need a new chapter!!!12018
50maiden koraI love this so much, ns wish the main character doesn"t have to select one guy 鐚11883
50UsagiReadsThe artwork, the storyline... Every little thing was so an excellent I purchased and also read the totality thing in one sitting!! The personalities are handsome and also the artwork go out me away!! A should read!! 11875
50LykouleonAll the really has me hooked. Didn"t mean a uncover like this to carry this much attention to me. Worth a read.11663
50BeautifulbluuI certain love this story and also everything about it I"ve been waiting months for an additional chapter yet I"ll keep waiting because that it!11609