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Mario Judah"s "Miss The Rage" or I miss The Rage is an translate of the 2021 Trippie Redd solitary of the exact same name featuring rapper Playboi Carti by Mario Judah. The song was leaked online in in march 2021, receiving mixed responses from listeners. In the complying with months, it motivated a variety of viral videos ~ above TikTok, and was offered in a number of edits top top YouTube, consisting of AMVs.


Trippie Redd"s "Miss The Rage" was first teased in December 2020 ~ above the rapper"s Instagram<1> page, wherein it gained significant hype from fans (shown below).

Mario Judah"s interpretation of the tune leaked to YouTube<2> together late together March 27th, 2021, prior to Trippie Redd officially released the song. This command some<11> to believe Judah was going to feature in the song, however, this was evidenced to it is in untrue through Redd on Instagram Live.<10> A thread around the song was post to /r/hiphopheads<3> on march 27th in addition to a now-deleted YouTube upload, receiving mixed responses from commenters. The tune was reuploaded come YouTube<4> in May, garnering over 1.9 million see in 2 months (shown below).

I miss out on the rageI miss out on the fury (Woah-oh-oh)I miss the rageI miss out on the fury (Woah-ooh)I miss the fury (Woah)I miss the rage (Woah)I miss the rageI miss out on the fury (Woah)

On might 7th, 2021, Trippie Redd"s single "Miss The Rage" special Playboi Carti was released (shown below). The tune is substantially different indigenous Judah"s, through the just real similarities being the beat.


On may 4th, 2021, YouTuber<8> Trunx 永遠 posted an anime music video edit using the song, garnering over 150,000 views in two months (shown below).

On June 10th, 2021, YouTuber<9> wafflesconqueso posted a video in i beg your pardon a various 144p image from Google is shown whenever a new lyric is sung in the song, garnering over 63,000 see in a month (shown below).

puumf posted an AMV edit collection to an original sound consist of of a ar of the song, garnering over 850,000 views in a month.

The original sound to be popularized on tiktok over the course of the following month, motivating over 140,000 videos ~ above the platform. The most well-known trend look at users suddenly "transform" their appearance with time with the music. Because that example, top top June 20th and 24th, TikTokers<6><7>
isaiasbruh posted videos choose this, garnering over 13.9 and 8 million see respectively in two weeks (shown below, left and also right).

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"Miss The rage (Mario Judah) – HyPerZan" tiktok Sound

Over the food of June, a second sound consists of Mario Judah"s "Miss The Rage" became popular top top TikTok, motivating over 300,000 videos top top the communication in a month. The two most popular videos, uploaded to TikTok<12><13> ~ above June 1st and 16th, depict people raging end the sound, and also garnered end 18.3 and also 10 million see in roughly a month (shown below, left and also right).