Las vegas is complete of over-the-top things. Whatever in las Vegas is required to the following level, indigenous the mirrors to the decor in the casinos. Girlfriend can find some great bars in the city and some extravagant sweet treats, however did you know you can have lock both at the exact same time?

At i Love Sugar ras Vegas, they market the candy Martini Bar whereby they room whipping up martinis, and also other cocktails chocked full of her favorite candy in true las vegas fashion. You have the right to indulge and dive into an adult beverage and your favourite childhood liquid all in one. 

Discover one of the ideal places come drink her dessert in las Vegas. Here’s what you must know prior to you go!

Candy Martini Bar Menu

The candy Martini Bar ras Vegas food selection at i Love sugar is fairly extensive, supplying something because that everyone! Let’s take it a look at in much more detail at every ar so you deserve to know what come expect.

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Giant candy Martinis


The gigantic candy martinis room what this martini bar is well-known for. You have probably watched them all over your Instagram and also Facebook because they are so fun and also exciting. You’ll uncover ten delicious huge candy martini concoctions top top the menu.

One the the fan favorites is the nothing Be Fooled through The Rocks That ns Got, which has apple vodka, melon liqueur, apologize liquor, peach schnapps, and sprite. The is rimmed with environment-friendly apple wrinkle Powder and topped with pink, blue, and also green absent Candy and candy necklaces.

Another loveable an option is the noodle Candy Mule v vodka, ginger beer, fresh mint, and lime. The noodle Candy Mule is topped and also rimmed v the i Love sugar house-made cotton candy.

Many of their candy martinis room topped v flavored gummy candies choose Thee Gummy bear martini, a mix of apple vodka, strawberry liquor, grape liquor, environment-friendly melon liqueur, and also sprite topped with 12 various flavors of gummy bears and also an orange Pucker flour rim.

For the coco lovers out there, there’s a martini for you, too. The In Love through The cacao has vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa dark, coffee liquor, hazelnut liquor, is rimmed v cocoa powder, and is topped v chocolate-covered malt balls, pretzels, and also gummy bears.

All of the huge candy martinis space designed come split in between 2-3 people, so carry your friends. The drink are likewise made v dry ice cream for a dramatic presentation.

Candy Cocktails


The candy cocktails top top the menu are simply as delicious and also stunning together the giant martinis yet smaller and also include assorted spirits. You’ll find another ten candy cocktail selections ~ above the menu, including the cacao Butter Cup Blitz, a drink through chocolate-covered graham crackers, mini peanut butter cups, and Hershey’s syrup.

The Whiskey Baller is another an excellent selection with your an option of whiskey pairs v Coca-Cola topped v giant and also miniature gummy cola bottles. This drink is certain the most unique whiskey and also coke you’ll find on the ras Vegas Strip.

If friend are in search of a margarita that will blow your mind, opt because that the Lil miss out on Salty candy Margarita. The a sweet margarita rimmed through salt and also cotton liquid Pucker Powder v a mound of house-made cotton candy ~ above top.

No issue which you select at liquid Martini Bar ras Vegas, you’ll get a decadent libation, and a candy-sweet treat every in one, not to mention the photograph op because all cocktails come through the fog!

Drunkin’ Bears


Drunkin’ Bears room the adult take on your favorite childhood snack. Ns Love street takes your gummy bears and also infuses them v vodka or tequila. Every stimulate comes v ten bears the will fill a punch however go down sweet and also easy.

Sugar Shots


The street Shots aren’t your mean shooter. You have actually three alternatives of perfectly crafted shots favor the Funky Pink Flamingo, a 2 oz shot that Pink Starburst infused vodka rimmed v pina colada wrinkle Powder served with 3 Pink Starbursts because that a finishing treat. The popular music It favor It’s hot is an additional favorite shot v 2 ounces of initial flavored blow Pop infused vodka rimmed with blue raspberry and strawberry wrinkles Powder and also served through extra Pucker powder to dip in a punch Pop.

Other Refreshments


If sweets aren’t your thing, you have the right to still discover your favorite go-to. They offer a selection of beer and wine like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling Moscato, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Coors Light, among others. For those who don’t want to indulge, you have the right to order soft drink or yummy pink lemonade.

Get drinks To Go


Don’t have actually time to stay? The candy Martini Bar at ns Love Sugar las Vegas has actually a to-go menu with a selection of 3 of their giant candy martinis, three cocktails, or Drunkin’ Bears. Grab her favorite and head come your next stop!

The pricing framework of the candy Martini Bar at ns Love street is nice easy. The large candy martinis come in at $42 because they are large and supposed to share, if the candy cocktails are $19.

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Drunkin’ bear come in at $12 for ten bears, and the sugar Shots space $14 for larger than mean 2-ounce shots. Wine is served by the glass because that $14, beers space $8, and non-alcoholic refreshments are $4. The to-go pricing is the very same as the continual menu, and the endure you won’t forget is free! keep in mind that pricing can constantly change, so inspect with the facility for any type of changes.