I desire to perform it due to the fact that it"s fun. It"s fun to do poor things. I want to carry out hoodrat stuff through my friends. Latarian Milton


Latarian Milton is a rebellious young lad profiled on tv after the stole his grandmother"s car at only 7 year of age. His interviews are noteworthy for such selection quotes together "it"s funny to do negative things" and also have spawned plenty of remixes & mash-ups.

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On April 27th, 2008, Latarian stole his grandmother"s evade Durango and "ran over 2 mailboxes, hit 2 parked cars in a Costco parking lot and struck two moving cars close to a Wal-Mart" prior to ending the several mile long joyride.<1> West Palm beach Newstation WPBF interviewed that the day after, and uploaded the interview come YouTube the same day.



Views for the video clip remained relatively low until may when that received more exposure from becoming featured top top YouTube. It started to receive much more exposure ~ it ending up being a featured video clip on YouTube in May. In February of 2010, Greg Rutter included it come his "You have to Have likewise Seen This" website.<2>

The video clip has got over 5 million views together of April 2011.





Boondocks Parody

On June 6th, 2010, Adult Swim"s animated tv series, The Boondocks aired the episode "Smokin v Cigarettes" the based that plot on a parody of Latarian Milton. The episode shown him as a "demon child", and also even offered some that his infamous price quotes such as "It"s fun to do negative things.".

Tosh.0 Appearance

Almost 2 years after the joyride incident, Daniel Tosh, the organize of Comedy Central"s Tosh.0 contacted Latarian for an interview stating what happened. He describes that he stole the vehicle because he was mad in ~ his mom for no letting his friend in the residence to clock cartoons. He cases he was not punished, and that what the did was "cool".

Walmart Incident

On may 12, 2008, 2 weeks ~ the dodge Durango incident, Latarian was brought in for a mental evaluation for physically attack his grandmother as soon as she refused to buy the chicken wings in a Walmart.

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<3> You must Have additionally Seen This


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