Description: 5 seconds sound clip from the Happy Gilmore (1996) movie soundboard.

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You have the right to hear this heat at 01:02:43 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- tour Championship"s following week, right?

- That"s right.

- If ns beat you, I gain the house back. Friend beat me, I"ll quit.

- You"re gonna beat me? at golf?

- Oh, you"re on.

- You"re in large trouble though, pal. Ns eat piece of shit choose you because that breakfast.

- friend eat piece of shit for breakfast?

- No. (3)

- that was great. I know you space gonna absent his ass.

- Yeah, the makes one of us.

- every right, look, take treatment of Grandma. I have the right to walk native here.


Top rated lines indigenous this movie

Good! Then, obtain the hell out of my life! Who demands you? to win it! leaving me alone!
You"re gonna die, clown! you think that"s funny? ns don"t hear girlfriend laughing now!
I"m stupid, you"re smart. Ns was wrong, you to be right. You"re the best, I"m the worst. You"re very good-looking, I"m not attractive.
Happy Gilmore Sound Clip


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Actors: Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore), Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin), Ben Stiller (Hal L.), Julie Bowen (Virginia Venit), Carl Weathers (Chubbs Peterson), Richard Kiel (Mr. Larson)

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