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1  verb 
If you desire to know what a word, code, signal, or gesture means, you desire to recognize what it refers to or what its post is. no cont In modern Welsh, `glas" method `blue"...  V n The red signal means you can shoot.  V that 
2  verb 
If friend ask who what lock mean , you are asking lock to describe exactly what or who they room referring to or what they room intending to say.  no cont Do you median me?...  V n I think he way that that does not desire this marriage to rotate out favor his friend"s.  V that 
3  verb 
If something means something come you, that is important to you in some way. no cont The idea that she experienced this shameful incident meant nothing come him...  V amount to n It would mean a lot to them to win.  it V amount to-inf, also V amount 
4  verb 
If one thing means another, it reflects that the second thing exists or is true. no cont An enlarged prostate does not necessarily mean cancer...  V n Just since he has actually a beard doesn"t necessarily average he"s a hippy.  V that 
5  verb 
If one thing way another, the very first thing leader to the second thing happening. no cont It would almost certainly average the finish of NATO...  V n The readjust will average that the nation no longer has full diplomatic connections with various other states.  V that 
6  verb 
If act one thing method doing another, it entails doing the 2nd thing. Managing well method communicating well.  V -ing 
7  verb 
If girlfriend say that you mean  what you space saying, you space telling someone that you space serious about it and also are no joking, exaggerating, or simply being polite.  no cont He says you"re fired if you"re not earlier at occupational on Friday. And also I think he expected it...  V n 
8  verb 
If friend say the someone meantto do something, you room saying the they did that deliberately. no cont (=intend) I didn"t median to ache you...  V to-inf I can see why you thought my letters were threatening but I never ever meant them to be.  V n to-inf 
9  verb 
If girlfriend say that someone walk notmean any harm, offence, or disrespect, you room saying that they did not intend to uncomfortable or offend civilization or to reason problems, also though they might in truth have done so.  no cont, v brd-neg (=intend) I"m certain he didn"t mean any kind of harm...  V n 
10  verb 
If you mean to perform something, you intended or arrangement to carry out it.  no cont (=intend) Summer is the perfect time to catch up ~ above the new books you meant to read...  V to-inf 
11  verb 
If friend say the something to be meantto happen, you think that it to be made to take place by God or fate, and also did no just happen by chance. usu passive, no cont John to be constantly reassuring me that we were supposed to be together.  be V-ed to-inf 
12 You say `I mean" once making fingerprint something that you have actually just said. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR v cl It was his idea. Gordon"s, ns mean...  
13 You can use `I mean" to present a statement, specifically one that justifies something the you have actually just said. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR v cl I"m certain he wouldn"t mind. I mean, ns was the one who asked him...  
14 You to speak I typical when correcting something the you have actually just said. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR v cl It was law or classicsI average English or classics.  
15 If you recognize what it means to carry out something, friend know every little thing that is affiliated in a specific activity or experience, especially the impact that it has actually on you. ♦know what it way to execute sth/know what sth means 
 phrase Vs inflect, oft PHR to-inf I understand what it way to shed a son under such tragic circumstances.  
16 If a name, word, or phrase method something to you, you have heard it before and you know what it refers to. ♦mean something come sb 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n `Oh, Gairdner," that said, as if that supposed something come him...  
17 If you say the someone way well, you mean they room trying to be kind and also helpful, even though they might be bring about someone troubles or upsetting them. ♦mean well 
 phrase V inflects I recognize you typical well, but I can control by myself.  
18 You usage `you mean" in a question to examine that friend have construed what someone has said. ♦you mean 
 phrase PHR v cl What accident? You median Christina"s?..., `What if I had said no?" `About the apartment, you mean?"  
19  → meaning 
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