“I am Second” place "Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines in the warm seat for your compelling White Chair Films.
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There room two schools of thought when it involves falling in love and also relationships. One incorporates the law of attraction: favor attracts like. So only those couples who share common attributes would be successful. The other id is the opposites attract, an interpretation that the relationships wherein the partners space yin and yang, or their opposite traits store their partnership thriving.

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We aren?t partnership experts, but we do believe that it all counts on the couple. And we?re additionally seeing that when it involves the relationship between ?Fixer Upper? stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, the ?opposites attract? concept is an extremely much wherein they live. But they additionally credit an incredible shared faith in God because that their effective marriage.

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The fun and also loving renovators, who hail native Waco, Texas, took component in the White Chair films video collection for the inspirational website ?I am Second? in 2016. In it, they described how what some couples can find difficult is what they many appreciate in every other.

Joanna smiles as she explains, ?If you offer Chip a boundary, he?s going come break the boundary. If you give him a rule, he?s no going to monitor it, and also if girlfriend tell him, ?You can?t go past this line,? he?s walking to placed his toe over it.? She go on to admit, ?I like safety. I like discovering what?s coming. Ns don?t want to be surprised. Ns don?t understand if us would have dated in college if we would have actually known every other.?

On the various other hand, Chip explains Joanna as ?the purest, most stable person I?ve ever met.? he says, ?I would have been the male on horseback riding off right into the wilderness. That?s kind of who I was by nature and Jo can not be much more opposite of that.?

As various as they are from one other ? Joanna v her slender, exotic beauty and also quiet charm, and Chip v his scruffy, frat boy-next-door zaniness ? that is in those differences that they discover balance. Chip admits, ?When I recorded her, I finally felt contents for the an initial time in mine life. I felt favor I might be exactly who ns was.? and for Joanna, Chip has tested her sense of order. ?For someone that is a rule follower to a T, it?s an adventure,? she says.


But there?s one more element in this dynamic couple?s connection that deserves a lot of credit for your success: your faith.

?I learned so much around order and structure and processes with my wife, and God is every one of those things to me now,? Chip says. ?But at the beginning, God was just chaotic come me. He was wild. He to be untamed. He to be unruly, and also I preferred that.?

But as lot as Chip discovered structure in Joanna?s walk v Christ, she found the stamin to let go of her preconceived rules because that life in Chip?s spiritual journey.

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She explains, ?My walk with God when I was little and every the means up until, like, mine 20s was always play by the rules, you?ll it is in blessed. However then ns met Chip and also I feel like now it?s once you take a step out in faith when it provides absolutely no sense, i think that?s whereby the higher reward is. There?s no telling where that will certainly take you.?

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That?s for sure! It to be Chip?s fearlessness and also encouragement that encouraged Joanna to journey with him indigenous a humble college couple flipping residences in your hometown to do ends fulfill to stepping in prior of a camera because that HGTV and also growing an empire, and becoming duty models for other couples.