However, process failure error happens as soon as the ASP.NET application stops working to operation on the server.

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At, we get requests on ASP.NET errors because that our customers, as a part of our Server administration Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support designers fix the error because that our customers.

Causes for HTTP Error 502.5 – process Failure

In general, the 502.5 error occurs once the ASP.NET application is not running. However, indigenous our specialization in regulating server, our Windows experts identify the common reasons for the error as:

Incorrect deployment and architectureMissing .NET structure installation in the server.The applications pool has no access to the .NET files.Incorrect route in web.config

Further, we inspect the event log to find more information concerning the error. The sample error look at like:


How to fix HTTP Error 502.5 – process Failure

Recently one of our client contacted as his website was mirroring HTTP Error 502.5 – process Failure error. Permit us talk about how our Support designers resolved the error.

1. Dorn Deployment mode and also architecture

The usual reason because that the error is the incorrect style or the deployment mode. On analyzing the server we found that the 64-bit .NET main point was installed.

On checking the .net files, the documents were existing in 32-bit architecture. Therefore our Support designers resolved the error by changing the design to the exactly version.

We opened up the .NET exe record and readjusted the Deployment setting to Self-Contained.

Next, we adjusted the Target Runtime come win-x6. Finally, saved the changes.

Changing the deployment will readjust the runtime to the applications directory. For this reason we constantly analyze the totality system and also the affect it will develop before changing the option.

Thus an altering the option resolved the error.

2.The .NET structure not installed

Another reason for the error is that the .NET frame is not installed on the server. A few application requires framework libraries to run the application. The .NET main point doesn’t support the desktop applications through a user interface.

Thus we install the .NET frame for our client in the server to solve the error.

3. Incorrect course in web.config

The web.config has variables LAUNCHER_PATH and LAUNCHER_ARGS. When IIS do the efforts to run the application, it offers these variables come connect.

So our assistance Engineers include the below code on the web.config paper to i announced the has from the output folder.

Adding the currently will change the variables through the exact path.

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In short, we have debated the reasons for the error HTTP Error 502.5 – procedure Failure. Also, we have debated how our Support designers resolve the error.