Aside from death aliens, Destiny 2 is all about customizing her character, and also one way to carry out this is by getting various auras. This auras aren’t an extremely easy come come by, frequently requiring excessive skill and dedication in order to earn. Once you get an aura, you can wear it together a badge of honor, letting people know exactly what you controlled to achieve.

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How to gain Auras in Destiny

There space a couple of high-level activities that reward auras top top completion, this are: Nightfall, Trials that the Nine, and Prestige Raids. However, it’s no as simple as participating in these events, you should actually manage to complete them, v some requiring certain conditions.

The way auras right now work in Destiny 2 is that once earned, you store them till the following weekly reset, in ~ which point they disappear and also you have to earn lock again. Furthermore, the means in i beg your pardon you earn an aura will readjust onceUpdate 1.1.3 publication on February 27 v the beginning of one Emblem/Aura rework. Check back with us when the update goes live to learn more about how to gain auras in Destiny 2.

How to obtain the Nightfall Aura


In order to acquire the Nightfall aura, you must finish the reputation Nightfall within the allotted time limit. This deserve to be an extremely difficult task, especially if you meander and also spend too lengthy killing unnecessary enemies. If the strategy for each Nightfall changes, the general theme continues to be the same: kill only what was standing in your way and move as fast as possible.

As friend land the killing punch on the ceo in a prestige Nightfall, girlfriend will receive your aura, along with a distinctive emblem ~ above your first completion.

How to get the Trials of the ripe Aura


The Trials the the nine aura has gained to be one of the most an overwhelming to get auras in every one of Destiny 2. To acquire your hand on this incredibly prestigious aura, you must win every solitary match the Trials that the Nine, with zero losses. This will give you access to a an enig area within The third Spire, whereby you will receive the highly coveted aura and also emblem.

How to get the Raid Aura


The final aura the is currently obtainable in Destiny 2 is the Raid aura. Friend will need to complete the Prestige version of the Leviathan raid to acquire your hand on this golden aura. The Leviathan raid is currently the only raid with a Prestige an obstacle level, for this reason you’re walk to want to knowwhat’s various in the call version prior to you begin.

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While there are right now only three auras to unlock in Destiny 2, this will no doubt readjust in the future, along with how to acquire them. There’s a lot come learn about Destiny 2, with much more coming as Bungie update and improve the game.

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