Remote controls make your TV city hall life easier. V that one machine you can control the sound, zoom though channels, readjust the color, even check the weather if your TV collection has the capability


Use Google Home and Chromecast

You have the right to also try using the Google home app and also a Chromecast maker to turn on her TV. This technique only works if you have actually a more recent television the has consumer Electronics control (CEC) and also you’ve already allowed the feature.

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But even this deserve to be much more than a tiny confusing. No all manufacturers speak to the CEC attribute by that exact same name. For example, spicy TVs have actually an Aquos Link, which is their profession name for this attribute you need.

As discussed before, though, girlfriend do require this alternative already allowed from the settings food selection of your TV because that it to work. If girlfriend haven’t currently done this, but can acquire into her settings food selection manually and also turn the on, you can use the Google home app and Chromecast to turn on her television.

Simply choose something to clock from her phone and tap the cast icon. If you have actually multiple options, pick the Chromecast one. Casting a video clip or music stream instantly powers on her TV due to the fact that it offers Chromecast together the intake source.

Keep in mind the the Chromecast an equipment needs strength to execute this and that counts on exactly how your TVs USB harbor work. Part televisions cycle power to a USB harbor only once it’s switched on. Check the standing light on her Chromecast device. If it’s off as soon as your TV is off, you may need to connect the device to an AC adapter to save it powered independently. Powering the Chromecast an equipment independently will enable you to revolve on your TV without utilizing a remote.

If you want to skip the phone experience altogether and also just usage your voice, you can power on her TV with Google house Mini or Google Hub. Just provide the simple command, “OK, Google, turn on mine TV” and also then use the Google Home application to manage your Chromecast device. As soon as you’re done, to speak “Ok, Google, power off my TV” to turn it turn off again.

Buy a instead of Remote

In some cases, it’s just better to have a brand-new remote manage on hand. If girlfriend can’t situate an authentic controller for your TV, there room other alternatives on the industry such together a global remote.

Universal remotes are reasonably inexpensive alternatives to a manufacturer’s far control, and also they’re simple to collection up. Yet you do need to turn on her TV making use of the power button to carry out the early programming because that the remote.

If you’re trying to find a an ext deluxe, irreversible option, girlfriend can always go through the Logitech Harmony remote control system. The Harmony transforms your residence into a smart one with the click the a couple of buttons.

It does take part time to attach everything to the Harmony system, though. So, if you’re trying to find a fast fix, this one probably isn’t for you.


A final Word about Using Apps

If you have an enlarge cellphone with an infrared (IR) feature, you deserve to always shot to use it and an application to turn on her TV. Also if girlfriend don’t have an IR blaster (a plug-in machine that mimics one infrared TV remote manage device) on your phone, girlfriend may be able to use it as a remote if you have actually a smart TV linked to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Keep in mind the third-party remote apps space notoriously glitchy. They might work as short-lived solutions, but you might need to work-related on a irreversible strategy if your remote is gone for good.

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How perform you rotate on your Sharp TV without a remote? Which method worked ideal for you? allow us know in the comments section below.