UI is crucial when playing civilization of Warcraft, yet sometimes you desire to hide the UI for a second to appreciate the beautiful landscapes ~ above offer. Simply look at exactly how amazing some brand-new zones that Shadowland area look. Who would not want to record this because that a great wallpaper?


How execute you hide the UI in civilization of Warcraft? 

You probably came to this short article because Alt+Z is in-fact, not hiding the UI in civilization of Warcraft. An excellent news is, you can still hide the UI by pushing Alt+Z and also it will instantly hide the UI, giving you the opportunity to take it a UI-free screenshot. The greatest reason people are struggling come hide the UI in wow is because of Nvidia’s Geforce experience’s default shortcut, Alt+Z. If you space a Nvidia user, climate Alt+Z opens up the Geforce suffer overlay, and it does no hide the UI in wow. There space two basic fixes because that this.

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How to readjust Geforce Experience faster way key

The an initial solution is to change the faster way to lug up the Geforce experience overlay come Alt+X. This is just how you readjust the shortcut an essential for Geforce Experience:

Press Alt+Z;Click on the settings wheel;One you space presented through the main menu, click “Keyboard Shortcuts”;The very first keyboard top top the list should be “Open/close in-game overlay”;Change the to Alt+X.

How to change your UI vital binding in wow

If you don’t desire to readjust the shortcut crucial for your Geforce experience, girlfriend can change the vital binding for hiding/showing the UI in human being of Warcraft law the following:

Press escape;Navigate to “Key Bindings”;Choose “Miscellaneous” from the next menu;Look for the command, “Toggle User Interface”;Change that to something friend prefer.

Now the you have changed the Nvidia overlay shortcut to something various other than Alt+Z or adjust your UI key binding in people of Warcraft, you’ll have the ability to hide the UI anytime friend wish.

Just as lot as friend would choose to hide UI in wow, friend might additionally want come add an ext elements come the UI to make her life easier. Let’s present you just how to include a sidebar in wow. Rather of having actually less important spells and also actions mapped to the bar in the middle, rather have them top top a sidebar the is more out that sight. We usage the sidebar for our hearth ability, favourite mounts and also other spells.

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How to include a sidebar in wow

Press escapeNavigate to “Interface”Choose “ActionBars” from the side menuTick the relevant checkboxes to add more ActionBars to your UI

We expect this rapid guide help you to hide your UI in wow when you need to and also declutter her UI through adding an ext ActionBars.