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an initial of all, the computer animation in this is spectacular. Every the see in the film looks like something you might find in actual life. The action, greatly the climax, and flying shots in this film also show how great the animation is. The main thing around the animation that is exceptional is how the dragons look. They all look favor real, kinda cartoonish, dragons that come across as vicious but also cute. The cinematography in this movie is stunning. The bright in each and every step was chosen correctly for it. I really favor the score in this film the was excellent by man Powell. The music in the film simply helped lug you right into this fantasy world of Vikings and also dragons. Currently my main problem is largely the spreading of the voice actors. They every did good jobs together their roles however I think few of them would have actually been much better casted if their character was older and not a teenager. That can mainly be seen with Hiccup that is supposed to be a teenager but sounds choose an adult who currently went with puberty. I also had a few issues v the speed in this film. Some scenes were means too short and I would have liked to have seen them a tiny bit longer. Currently I do obtain that it’s a film made for children yet as lengthy as there’s moving objects ~ above screen children won’t care what’s happening in the movie. In the finish How come Train your Dragon is an excellent film for everybody no matter how old girlfriend are. I provide How to Train her Dragon a 9/10.

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# My favourite movie

IMO that simply has actually it all: Action, fun, love, pretty animations and CGI, an exceptional soundtrack, a an excellent story, etc.

Hiccup a young Viking befriends Toothless, a young dragon. Hiccup a young Viking befriends Toothless, a young dragon. This is the finest movie I’ve seen because the “Lord that the Rings” trilogy. Essentially everything around it is wonderful. Rarely have actually I been so drawn in come an animated movie. The 3D facets are thrilling and also the movie has a an excellent story, impressive animation, non stop activity and a positive and also constructive message. The made me want to go out and get a pet dragon. This movie is perfect for human being of every ages. Currently I recognize what a feel great movie is. This movie will certainly make everyone feeling good. Congratulations to every who added to this amazing film. It will certainly make toy dragons a well-known gift item. Hope to view it again and also again. 3D in ~ it’s best.
Wonderful movie, a must see 3D I saw the trailer and also I enjoyed it however I to be afraid that all the great parts indigenous the movie will certainly be there and that will be all, prefer it was with many films lately. The was absolutely not the case. There room way far better parts that were left to be discovered and also I definitely congratulate the choice.

I didn’t check out the book, so ns don’t recognize the story, witch could have suffered, as story usually do from publications to picture, yet I think a writer couldn’t hope because that a far better image, much better portraits of characters, particularly the black dragon who one certainly falls in love with – the mimic and also the gestures and the face expressions, so complex and real.

I agree it’s not the sort of movie that provides you store thinking too lot once it’s finished bot it’s not expected to be. It’s simply lovely, indigenous the start to the end, i really laughed and I was anxious because that the characters when they endured (and I’m 22). The film wasn’t too long, it didn’t have actually stupid present whatsoever and it put to quiet the annoying boy behind me indigenous the an initial five minutes or so, i beg your pardon I believe says that all.

I don’t understand if I will actually walk to the cinema but I absolutely want to check out it again.

Great special effects and, again, a an extremely lovely dragon.

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Original Language en Runtime 1 hr 38 min (98 min) Budget 165000000 Revenue 494878759 Status Released Rated PG Genre Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy Director Dean DeBlois, chris Sanders Writer wilhelm Davies (screenplay by), Dean DeBlois (screenplay by), kris Sanders (screenplay by), Cressida Cowell (based ~ above the book by), Marc Hyman (collaborating writer) Actors Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera Country USA Awards Nominated for 2 Oscars. One more 25 wins & 61 nominations. manufacturing Company DreamWorks Animation, Vertigo Entertainment Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1 Camera N/A Laboratory DeLuxe, Technicolor film Length 2,700 m (Portugal, 35 mm) an unfavorable Format Digital Cinematographic Process Digital 3-D published Film Format 35 mm (anamorphic) (also Technicolor 3D) (Kodak Vision 2383), 70 mm (horizontal) (IMAX DMR blow-up) (dual-strip 3-D) (Kodak Vision 2383), D-Cinema (also 3-D version)