Yet I cannot throw them. I have them in my favorite list, yet selecting them does nothing. How am I supposed to throw them? And can I throw them in VATS menu?

I"m playing using the XBOX 360 controller.

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Select your favorite explosive, and hold down your melee button for a while. You should hear a clicking noise on success before throwing.

The defaults are:


After releasing, you throw the explosives. It seems you can hold grenades for a long while.

If you do a melee attack, try holding it longer. As soon as you have run out of grenades, pressing and holding the button will trigger a melee attack even if you are standing miles away from a foe.

I haven"t figured out how to throw them in VATS mode; it doesn"t seem possible.

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You can throw them in VATS. Unequip all weapons, including grenades. Then only equip the grenades. Have your character unholster so that the grenade is showing in his hand. Now you can use the regular trigger button to use a grenade and throw them in VATS. I"ve only done this with frags so I"m not sure if it"ll work on the others, but it should.

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