Whirlpool GU2700XTSQ fills with water yet wash pump does no circulate water. Once I begin a cycle water fills the unit and can be watched in the bottom of the inside of the dishwasher. ~ a couple of minutes that the display screen of "time remaining" showing a direct symbol the rotated clockwise i heard the soap dispenser door open and the "time remaining" display is counting down from 62 minutes. No sound or vibration space emitted native the dishwasher during the to wash cycle. At the finish of the timed to wash cycle the water drains from the unit as expected.

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I gotten rid of the wash pump and also the unit deserve to be made come spin inside once the gear is turned. Ns attached a multi meter and the resistance the the motor was ZERO. Ns tested the ground and also there was no analysis on the meter. The wash w engine capacitor looks normal without discoloration or bulging.

What should I look in ~ next?



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I have similar problem too. However when measure the motor resistance with a multimeter, I have actually 3 megaohms. Still, if I directly plug the engine to the wall, the works.

Had the exact same problem, dishwasher would certainly fill v water, then drain and also idle. Tried all the above, mine husband simply took apart the pump (before purchasing a brand-new one) and also found it was filled through calcium buildup not allowing one ofthe parts to turn properly. Provided some CLR, placed everything earlier together and voila! Worked!

Had same concern filled with water and the pump would certainly not run. Inspect continuity and it was getting voltage.Took a part the pump and found hair captured up in the pump fins. Eliminated hair re assembled and also it started working.

Thank you for pointing me in the direction that a dirty/stuck pump. A repairman come today and also said the circulation pump motor required to be replaced.

I to fill the bottom v some heat water and took a versatile plastic knife to the water inlet within at the bottom of the dishwasher - jammed the as far is it might go a few times and also that seemed to work! ns guess time will certainly tell yet in instance anyone is in search of a low expense (possibly low probability) fix.

July 1 by michaelychien

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With the power gotten rid of from the dishwasher, have the right to you check the continually of the connection from the regulate board to the to wash pump motor?

As her motor seems to test OK (ZERO Ohms is yes sir apparently and it is no s/c come earth) climate the strength to the motor is lacking either due to a wiring error (connector trouble possibly) between the control board and the engine or due to the fact that of a error on the regulate board, software program or hardware.

Here is a attach to a website whereby in short article #2 over there is a link to an attachment which i think has actually the tech specs and also possibly the diagnostic check information. Ns say think since you need to register to view the attachment (Attached images GU2700 -1.pdf).

Hopefully if you it is registered (it seems free) you will certainly be maybe to access it and also get better information on experimentation your dishwasher.


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Here is a link to the components for her dishwasher. Although it appears that you may be 1 or 2 digits brief in the full number you posted together there seem to be an ext model variants through differing critical 2 extra digits. That is just presented to give you an idea the the price if the control board is your problem.