Welcome come the www.trident-gaming.net site and also any of its mobile machine applications or various other applications and also platforms. Please check out these regards to use carefully before using the site and services readily available by trident-gaming.netStyle, llc ("trident-gaming.net", "us", "we"). These terms of use ("Terms of Use" or "Agreement") set forth the terms and conditions of our relationship and for your use of the www.trident-gaming.net website (the "Site") and the products, services, features, content, applications, mobile machine applications, or apps available by trident-gaming.net (collectively, the "Platform") come you (“you”, “your” and sometimes “Buyer”, "Seller", "Stylist").

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Your usage (including however not restricted to Sellers, Buyers, and Stylists as those state are identified below) the the Platform, and any or every one of their features, is specifically conditioned upon her unconditional acceptance and also agreement and also compliance with this Agreement. Use of this this site, Platform, and any or all of their features, in any kind of fashion, consisting of without limitation viewing or using any or every one of its listings or content shall be understood as unconditional acceptance and agreement v these regards to use. These terms of Use apply to you, even if it is you are an individual or an entity acting by or through you as its authorized representative, or even if it is you represent, plot or purport to represent or act for or on instead of of one more person or entity, or you yourself alone. These terms of Use apply to friend in every little thing capacity in i beg your pardon you usage this site, including but not restricted to estates, companies, or individuals.You recognize that through accessing or using the Platform, you are agreeing come comply with and be bound by this Agreement, which additionally incorporate trident-gaming.net’s Privacy Policy).PLEASE check out THESE terms of USE closely AS castle CONTAIN AN agreement TO ARBITRATE and also OTHER important INFORMATION concerning YOUR legitimate RIGHTS, REMEDIES and also OBLIGATIONS. THE covenant TO ARBITRATE needs (WITH limited EXCEPTION) the YOU SUBMIT cases YOU HAVE against US come BINDING and also FINAL ARBITRATION, and also FURTHER (1) girlfriend WILL just BE allowed TO pursue CLAIMS against COMPANY ~ above AN separation, personal, instance BASIS, no AS A PLAINTIFF OR course MEMBER IN any kind of CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE activity OR PROCEEDING, and also (2) girlfriend WILL just BE allowed TO seek RELIEF (INCLUDING MONETARY, INJUNCTIVE, and DECLARATORY RELIEF) top top AN individual BASIS. PLEASE suggest YOUR acceptance TO this TERMS IN ACCORDANCE with THE INSTRUCTIONS detailed BY trident-gaming.net. Describe ACCEPTANCE establishes A BINDING and also EXECUTED created AGREEMENT between YOU and trident-gaming.net. IF YOU carry out NOT accept THESE regards to USE, friend CANNOT use THE SERVICE.

Our function and ours Platformtrident-gaming.net provides a an innovation platform (again, the “Platform”) that gives an digital social marketplace in i m sorry designers, fashion stylists, fashion brands, and fashion boutiques can list and also sell their fashion items and also their fashion solutions (collectively, "Items & Services"), and also consumers can browse and also purchase from or interact these parties for Items & Services. Users who acquisition from or interact these parties for Items & solutions through the platform are referred to as "Buyers," and users that list and also sell item & solutions through the communication are jointly referred to together "Sellers" (but in some instances Sellers may also be described as “Stylists”). A user might be both a Buyer and Seller. Every purchases are made directly (and any contract for purchase and also sale is) in between the Buyer and also Seller and trident-gaming.net is no itself a Seller, Stylist, designer, auctioneer, sleeve store, or a fashion goods/services provider. You know that trident-gaming.net is not the provider or designer/manufacturer of the items & Services and that trident-gaming.net does not and shall no assume any liability whatsoever for use of, injury from, or defects which may be asserted in, any type of Items & Services. You hereby agreed to look come the Seller that the items & services for any claims concerning breach vouch (if any) or product liability. With regard to communication with trident-gaming.net’s staff, the is agreed and also acknowledged that trident-gaming.net’s employee is only noted to help in your an option and to know of the items & Services and also in some cases, in trident-gaming.net’s discretion, come assists in disputes between Buyers and Sellers.trident-gaming.net specifically disclaims and also shall not be liable for any kind of claims because that damage, injury, cost or price suffered or incurred as a an outcome of or otherwise brought about by the wearing or usage of any type of of the item & Services. trident-gaming.net is not a legitimate party to any kind of transaction entered into between Buyers and Sellers. Girlfriend understand and also agree that, as a result, trident-gaming.net is no involved and does not take part in the various transactions in between Buyers and also Sellers (even if trident-gaming.net collection a commission as defined below). Girlfriend understand and agree that, consequently, trident-gaming.net walk not go into into any contracts between any kind of users for any purchase, services, or sale, no one does it in reality become connected in the actual deliver of legal location in any type of items from one party come another. While trident-gaming.net always strives for quality, it does not have the obligation review, screen, or vet any users that trident-gaming.net or the content or information listed by Buyers and also Sellers v the platform (though it may do for this reason from time to time). trident-gaming.net does no review, screen, or vet the any listings or the identification or background of any kind of user (including however not minimal to Sellers, Buyers, and also Stylists). With regard to communication with trident-gaming.net’s staff, the is that is agreed and acknowledged the trident-gaming.net’s employee to the level they assist any Sellers in managing, uploading or otherwise curating your webpages, User Content, Listings or any kind of other items, does not make trident-gaming.net a partner, share venturer, employee nor agent of any Seller or Buyer. You understand that come the extent trident-gaming.net or the platform facilitates payment between Buyers and also Sellers and/or collection Commissions, together actions perform not make trident-gaming.net a partner, joint venturer, employee nor agent of any type of Seller or Buyer. Friend understand and also agree the trident-gaming.net go not and also cannot exert any type of control end the accuracy, legality, quality, safety, authenticity or fairness of any kind of aspect of any Items & Services detailed though the Platform, no one the government of either the Sellers or the Buyers to go into into any purchase and sale transactions and/or delivery Items within forced shipping time frames. trident-gaming.net cannot administer any assurance or guarantee that any type of user will actually conclude any kind of purchase or revenue transaction, the ability of Buyers to pay because that Items purchased with the Platform, or that a buyer or Seller will actually complete a transaction, provide trouble-free delivery and shipping, or return and/or request any refunds for any Item & services through the Platform.General regards to TransactionsSales tax may be charged for orders shipped to U.S. Says that legally need sales tax to be collected in connection with any type of Items & Services. Sales tax rates vary native state to state. The sales tax suggested on the sales order will certainly be calculated come reflect applicable counting at the moment the payment is processed.We try to correctly depict the colors and also details that the items & Services. However, due to the fact the color and product details you check out is dependency on your computer system or machine monitor/screen, us cannot guarantee the the color and details the you view will it is in accurate. The items & Services also may show up larger or smaller sized than your actual size depending upon your device monitor/screen. Some photographs may have been enlarged to present detail.You hereby warrant and also agree that you might not purchase any type of Items & services from the platform for functions of reselling any such article by you or any kind of other person and also you might not resell any kind of Items & services purchased from the Platform, unless expressly agreed to in writing by one authorized representative the trident-gaming.net. The prices displayed on the site are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Terms Applicable to SellersThe Platform allows Sellers to article listings regarding the item & solutions they have for sale or for commercial enjoyment by a Buyer, and also maintain Seller file with miscellaneous biographical and other details related to a Seller (collectively, “Listings”).By registering or utilizing the communication to offer, post, or administer Items & services through any Listings, Sellers must hereby represent and warrant the they either very own the item & services to be used or marketed to a Buyer, or have actually the rights reasonably essential to lawfully permit an Seller to offer or provide the item & Services included in the applicable Listings.trident-gaming.net does not pay any kind of taxes on instead of of the users of the platform (other than Sales taxation which might be built up by trident-gaming.net). Buyers and Sellers are specifically liable for any type of taxes result from any use of our Platform. In order come transact company on the side together an Seller, you recognize that trident-gaming.net is not itself in the service of providing Items & Services and also that Sellers affirm and agree that by creating and maintaining one account on the Platform, the communication merely provide a communication to perhaps gain accessibility to Buyers interested and also willing to interact the Seller because that Items & Services, consisting of messaging, calendaring, and payment tools. Sellers further understand and also agree that making use of the communication does no guarantee the anyone will interact them because that Items & Services.Sellers understand and also agree that they are exclusively being detailed technology solutions as a customer of trident-gaming.net and that more in no event are Sellers or Buyers reputed nor considered trident-gaming.net employees, share venturers, partners, or agents. Through regard to communication with trident-gaming.net’s staff, that is the is agreed and also acknowledged the trident-gaming.net’s employee to the extent they assist any Sellers in managing, uploading or otherwise curating your webpages, User Content, Listings or any type of other items, does not make trident-gaming.net a partner, joint venturer, employee nor agent of any type of Seller or Buyer. Sellers know that to the extent trident-gaming.net or the communication facilitates payment in between Buyers and Sellers and/or collections Commissions, together actions execute not do trident-gaming.net a partner, share venturer, employee no one agent of any Seller or Buyer. Sellers know that they alone space responsible for setup terms and conditions, including prices through regard come the items & Services and also that they are alone responsible for providing the items & Services.You understand and also agree the Buyers might review Sellers and also the item & Services, which might be confident or negative. Numerous an unfavorable reviews may result in suspension or termination of a Seller’s account.For Sellers that space Stylists, please note that you will need to separately agreed come the Stylist Agreement.Terms Applicable come ListingsEach Seller hereby warrants the it has actually the full rights and legal authority necessary to sell any kind of Item & Product together Seller lists for sale or commercial use on the Platform and also to authorize trident-gaming.net come photograph and display descriptions, images, and/or video clip of every Item & Product ~ above the Platform. Listings need to accurately and truthfully define Items & solutions offered and also information regarding the Seller. Listings have the right to only incorporate text, content, materials, and images the the Sellers decision to upload, in ~ their single responsibility. Sellers are solely responsible because that the contents they upload and also publish under the law and under this Agreement.Each Seller understands and also agrees that it will not include nor current links to or make recommendation to any 3rd party sales sites, sales venues, marketplaces, sales listings, or website sales web links in any type of of that is Listings. All fees, charges, and other pricing info must be accurately, conspicuously, and also truthfully disclosed in the Listing. Any and all extra, additional, tack-on, monitor up fees, charges, and/or payments pertained to the item & solutions offered, such together included company breakdown, any kind of clothing under other products that space loaned or distributed, care and also maintenance or other information as applicable to a particular Listing, need to be clearly, truthfully, and accurately disclosed and also described in the Listing.All other details pertaining to a specific Listing that must be fairly disclosed to a buyer that any type of reasonable the person who lives would have the right to know must be clearly, truthfully, and accurately disclosed and described in the Listing.trident-gaming.net has the appropriate to monitor, edit, and partially or completely delete any type of content found in Listings. However, trident-gaming.net does no undertake nor guarantee the practice of any type of editorial manage of the materials, information, or content released by Buyers or Sellers.While trident-gaming.net calls for that Sellers use their ideal efforts to stand for Items & solutions truthfully and also accurately, in spite of these efforts, a variety of items ~ above the Platform may be mispriced, explained inaccurately, or unavailable, and also we may experience delays in updating information on the Platform and in our declaring through various other media. As a result, we cannot and do no guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any kind of information, consisting of prices, items & services images, specifications, availability, and services. trident-gaming.net make reservation the best to change or update information and to exactly errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time there is no prior notice. The certain technical specifications and also settings of her computer and its display screen could influence the accuracy the its display of the colour of items & Services available on the Platform. Every treatment is required to ensure the the specification and description of our Items & services are exactly at the time of going come the Platform, but accuracy of the foregoing cannot be guaranteed.trident-gaming.net further prohibits any Listings that the complying with items, which might not it is in illegal under the laws of every jurisdictions: pornography; commodities that promote, support, or glorify violence; and products the promote, support, or glorify hatred.Service Fees; Commissionstrident-gaming.net does no charge any type of fees because that you to collection up one account.By proceeding to usage the Platform, girlfriend agree to it is in bound by any type of current or future trident-gaming.net organization fees, i beg your pardon may adjust from time to time without an alert to you. In addition, trident-gaming.net to make reservation the ideal to fee fees for any or all existing or future attributes of the Platform.You agree that payment for every applicable purchases and any counting or extr charges that might be enforced by 3rd parties are your sole responsibility. You understand that your purchase may be final and also non-refundable.When you provide Items & services to Buyers, you deserve to determine the price you fee for these Items & Services. You deserve to update this prices at any type of time, except following such time together a buyer purchases any type of such item & services or engages a Seller for any type of such item & services (e.g., the engagement that a Stylist). Any amounts paid by the Buyers in link with item & Services received through the Platform space referred to listed below as “Revenues.” trident-gaming.net may in its discretion point out a collections service (such as Stripe or another 3rd party) come facilitate the payment of profits by Buyers and/or payment of commission by Sellers. This collections organization may charge a dues for handling these payments, pursuant to the terms and conditions stipulated by the collection company (“Processing Fees”). Where the collections organization collects handling Fees, these processing Fees, as well as Commissions, will certainly be deducted native Seller’s Revenues.You are responsible for reviewing transforms to this AgreementThis Agreement applies to all individuals of the Platform, including yet not minimal to Sellers, Buyers, and Stylists.trident-gaming.net might make transforms to this agreement from time come time without specifically notifying you.trident-gaming.net will write-up the latest covenant on the Site and may article it top top trident-gaming.net's mobile machine applications, yet it is up to you to testimonial it before using the Platform.If you proceed to use the communication after any type of of this changes, your ongoing use will typical that you have actually accepted any kind of changes come the Agreement.In addition, some services offered through the Platform may be subject to extr terms and conditions stated by trident-gaming.net from time come time and also your use of such solutions is subject to those additional terms and conditions, which are included into this commitment by this reference.Your use of the Platform

Your registration and account securityWhen you usage the platform you may be requested to carry out trident-gaming.net certain registration and account information, i beg your pardon trident-gaming.net will depend on to carry out you services. The following are your obligations once creating, registering, and maintaining the security and accuracy of your account, in the occasion trident-gaming.net asks girlfriend to develop an account:

You will certainly register her account because that your very own use and not because that the usage of another person, alter ego, or various other identity.You will develop only one account for yourself.You will certainly not entrust or transport your account come anyone without first getting trident-gaming.net's composed consent.You will not administer false or misleading details when you it is registered an account.If trident-gaming.net terminates or disables her account, you might not create another account without first getting trident-gaming.net's composed consent.You will keep your contact and also other details requested by trident-gaming.net (such together age, address, etc.) accurate and up-to-date.You will not share your password, permit anyone other than you accessibility your account, or perform anything that can compromise the protection of your account.If you pick a username for her account, trident-gaming.net make reservation the right to eliminate or reclaim it for any reason, including that that is unreasonable in trident-gaming.net’s single determination.

trident-gaming.net might add, edit, change or delete something on the Platform there is no noticetrident-gaming.net is committed to moving a hopeful user experience and you understand that trident-gaming.net make reservation the ideal (but there is no undertaking any kind of duty) come edit, monitor, review, delete, modify, or move any content or material detailed or placed on or despite the platform in its single discretion, there is no notice.

You room responsible because that accepting update versions of the Platform

If trident-gaming.net provides updated versions of the Platform and you carry out not expropriate these updated versions, you might not reap the many recent content, feature sets, and materials.If you execute not accept updated versions of the Platform, trident-gaming.net shall not bear any type of responsibility or legal responsibility for her decision.

You agree come let us monitor your task on trident-gaming.net mobile device applications and also the Platform

Because trident-gaming.net wants to continue to boost the platform for your benefit, we may monitor your activity on trident-gaming.net mobile device applications, and also on the Platform.By using any type of trident-gaming.net mobile maker application or the platform you particularly agree to allow trident-gaming.net to screen you in this manner.You understand, however, trident-gaming.net cannot and also does not make any type of warranties or assures that: (i) any trident-gaming.net mobile an equipment applications or the Platform, or any type of component thereof, will be made free from error or inaccuracy as a an outcome of such security or free from unauthorized and/or unacceptable usage as a an outcome of together monitoring; (ii) any statements or factual items gift by the solutions will be complimentary from error or authenticated; or (iii) trident-gaming.net will take any action in the event of any non-compliance with these regards to Use.

You have to be 18 or enlarge to use the trident-gaming.net Platform

You know that you may not use the Platform whereby such usage is prohibited.You recognize that the Platform room intended solely for individuals who room eighteen (18) years of period or older and also can legally form a binding agreement. Any type of use the or access to the communication by anyone under 18 is unauthorized. If you room 13 or older but under 18, you must have your parent or legit guardian’s permission to use the Platform and to expropriate the terms of Use.You represent and also warrant the you space 18 or older, or beginning this agreement on behalf of someone that is in between the ages of 13 and 18, and also that you agree to abide by every one of the terms and also conditions of this Agreement. trident-gaming.net does no knowingly collect info from people who are much less than thirteen (13) year of age.

It is your duty to make certain this Agreement and your usage of the Platform adheres to all regulations applicable come you

You understand that trident-gaming.net may, in its sole discretion, refuse to sell the communication to any type of person or entity and readjust its eligibility criteria at any kind of time.You are solely responsible for ensuring the this agreement complies v all laws, rules and also regulations applicable come you.You recognize that your right to access the Platform will certainly be revoked whereby this commitment or use of the platform is prohibited and, if that is the case, you agree no to usage or access the communication in any type of way.

trident-gaming.net might terminate your usage of the communication without factor or an alert to youWhile trident-gaming.net respects the users, girlfriend agree the trident-gaming.net may terminate your usage of the Platform and prohibit friend from accessing the Platform, for any kind of reason, or no reason, and also with or there is no notice.

Who owns What and also How You can Use It

You may not use trademarks appearing on the communication in one infringing manner

trident-gaming.net trademarks and trade dress might not be provided in connection with any type of product or company that is not trident-gaming.net’s, in any manner the is likely to cause confusion among consumers, or in any kind of manner the disparages or discredits trident-gaming.net.All other trademarks no owned by trident-gaming.net or that affiliates that may appear on the Platform are the building of their corresponding owners (including yet not minimal to Sellers), who may or may not it is in affiliated with, associated to, or funded by trident-gaming.net or its affiliates and may not be supplied by you.

You might use the trident-gaming.net platform for limited purposes

trident-gaming.net sponsor you a limited license to accessibility and make use of the Platform.trident-gaming.net go not provide you the ideal to download (other than page caching) or change the Platform, or any portion of the Platform.You know trident-gaming.net walk not give you the ideal to: (a) resell or do commercial usage (except as listed herein) the the communication or your contents; (b) make any derivative use of the platform or their contents; (c) download or copy account details for the advantage of a 3rd party or merchant; or (d) use any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and also extraction tools.You know that the communication or any section of Platform might not it is in reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any type of commercial purpose, various other than as required for the minimal commercial use granted herein. You may not structure or make use of framing approaches to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information of trident-gaming.net and also our affiliates there is no express composed consent.You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" making use of trident-gaming.net’s name or trademarks without the express written consent that trident-gaming.net. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission or license granted by trident-gaming.net hereunder.You might not connect in the copying, reproduction, publication, rearrangement, redistribution, modification, revision, alteration, or turning back engineering, the the Services.You space granted a limited, revocable, and also nonexclusive ideal to produce a hyperlink come the residence page that trident-gaming.net so long as the attach does not portray trident-gaming.net, the affiliates, or your Items & solutions or solutions in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise attack matter.You might not use any kind of trident-gaming.net logo, third party manufacturer or providers logo, or other proprietary graphics or trademark as part of the connect without express created permission.

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Some portions of the Services count on sustained Platforms

You recognize that the platform interoperates v several 3rd party sites and also services, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and also Pinterest (the “Supported Platform(s)”), and that several of the Services provided are very dependent top top the ease of access of such sustained Platforms. If at any type of time any kind of Supported Platforms stop to do their programs accessible to trident-gaming.net on reasonable terms, trident-gaming.net may cease to carry out such features to you without entitling you come refund, credit, or other compensation.In stimulate to usage the features of the Platform related to the supported Platforms, you might be forced to it is registered for or log into such supported Platforms ~ above their particular websites. By permitting such supported Platforms in ~ the Platform, friend are allowing trident-gaming.net come pass her log-in details to these sustained Platforms because that this purpose.

You have the important rights to share content and materials should you pick to

The solutions permit you and also other individuals to create, submit, share, post, copy, link, store and also otherwise distribute particular information, images, photos, drawings, videos, icons, message and/or other content (“User Content”), including in connection with any Listings. You room responsible for your User Content, consisting of without limitation its legality, reliability, and also appropriateness.You warrant that either: (a) her User content is wholly original to you and also you exclusively own the civil liberties to her User Content, consisting of the appropriate to grant all of the rights and licenses in this Agreement; or (b) all parties whose materials are included in her User Content, or who contributed in any kind of way, are illustrated in, or have any rights to your User Content, have actually granted girlfriend permission come submit and also license your User contents to trident-gaming.net as collection forth herein, with complete knowledge the trident-gaming.net may exploit it in any kind of manner whatsoever. You make such warranties without trident-gaming.net incurring any third-party obligations or liability emerging out that its exercise of the rights thereto granted herein through you.You provide to trident-gaming.net the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right and license come host, use, copy, distribute, reproduce, disclose, sell, re-sell, sub-license, display, perform, transmit, publish, broadcast, modify, do derivative functions from, re-title, reformat, translate, archive, store, cache or otherwise exploit in any kind of manner whatsoever, all or any section of her User Content, for any type of purpose whatsoever, in any and all formats; top top or with any and all media, software, formula or tool now recognized or hereafter known; and with any an innovation or devices now known or hereafter developed and also to advertise, market and also promote the same.You further agree that trident-gaming.net is free to use any kind of ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques consisted of in any User content you send come the site or trident-gaming.net, for any kind of purposes whatsoever, including, there is no limitation, developing, producing, marketing and also otherwise exploiting items & services and/or services using such User Content, in any medium or format, consisting of text messaging, blogs, and on other platforms or websites and also without remuneration of any type of kind. You further perpetually and also irrevocably grant trident-gaming.net the unconditional ideal to use and also exploit your name, persona and likeness included in any User Content.You likewise grant to trident-gaming.net the best to sub-license and also authorize others to exercise any kind of of the civil liberties granted to trident-gaming.net.You authorize trident-gaming.net come publish your User content in a searchable format that might be accessed by customers of the Site and also the Internet, and also you waive any kind of rights that attribution and/or any type of so-called ethical rights girlfriend may have in any type of User contents you submit, even if together User content is changed or readjusted in a manner not agreeable to you.