Blowing soap bubbles is a fun method to learn new vocabulary or practice common words in a brand-new context. Below are a couple of activity ideas and the vocabulary you must play v bubbles in Spanish.

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Below friend will discover general vocabulary related to playing v bubbles in Spanish, the is, punch bubbles with soap solution and also a wand. You can download a printable variation of the list.

When we blow bubbles, we use a restricted set of vocabulary and also repeat the exact same words and also phrases. The activity has a narrow focus, therefore blowing balloon in Spanish gives children context to understand and practice brand-new language.

You can likewise practice several Spanish playing through water. Read Water Games: Spanish Vocabulary for usual phrases and also a printable list. Find an ext Spanish summer activities here, consisting of nature to walk and task books.

Bubbles for Vocabulary Activities

You can likewise use bubbles to practice various vocabulary, not regarded the bubbles. Right here are a couple of ideas to obtain you started.

Set out images or objects. Punch the bubbles toward them, and also name what the bubbles touch (pictures, numbers, letters, words). Remember the bubbles float a long way, so the is finest to do this inside or external on a tho day. Friend can additionally do this with sidewalk chalk drawings.Practice number by count as many bubbles as you can.Practice dimension vocabulary by popping bubbles together you speak pequeña or grandePractice body component vocabulary together you popular music bubbles. Speak Rómpelas con la mano, con el brazo, con la cabeza, con la nariz, etc.Make a bubble line or dragon (search online for examples). Decorate the bottle to practice components of the face.

Playing through Bubbles in Spanish

Bubbles space burbujas or pompas in Spanish. I have actually used burbujas in the instances below.

Download a printable version of this Spanish vocabulary for playing v bubbles.


bubbles – las burbujaswand – la varita, el palitosoap – jabón, jabón para hacer burbujasbottle – botella

to punch – soplarBlow a bubble. – Sopla en el aro (de la varita) para hacer una burbuja.Blow gently. – Sopla despacio.Blow harder. – Sopla más fuerte.Blow again. – Sopla otra vez.

Dip the wand in come get an ext soap. – Mete la varita en la botella para sacar más jabón.Wave the wand. – Mueve la varita (en el aire).

Look at every the bubbles. – Mira todas ras burbujas.Look at the colors. – Mira los colores.

to record – atraparCatch the bubbles. – Atrapa ras burbujas.Try to catch one. – Intenta atrapar una.Let’s record them. – Atrapémoslas. Vamos a atraparlas.Try to capture them. – Intenta atraparlas. Hay que atraparlas.

to popular music a bubble – reventar, romperPop the bubbles – Revienta ras burbujas. Rompe las burbujas.Pop it. – Reviéntala. RómpelaThe bubbles pop once they touch the ground. – ras burbujas se revientan cuando tocan el piso.Oh no, that popped/broke. – Ay no, ¡se reventó/se rompió!

Count the bubbles. – Cuenta ras burbujas.Chase the bubbles – Sigue las burbujas.Look exactly how high lock go. – Mira qué alto van.Look how much they go. – Mira qué lejos van.

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Look, the one is double/triple. – Mira, hay dos/tres burbujas juntas.Look, there room lots stuck together. – Mira, hay muchas burbujas/burbujitas pegadas.That’s a huge one! – ¡Esa es grande!

You have the right to break up course routines and make language learning an ext fun at house by playing with bubbles in Spanish. So obtain creative, and also be certain to monitor the kids’ lead. They will find brand-new ways to learn and play with bubbles in Spanish.