When I an initial started using Final cut Pro, everything was a blur. I didn’t know exactly how to add text to mine projects, exporting was complicated, and I had actually no idea just how to save a job in Final cut Pro. However, ~ learning exactly how to use it, i figured that this is one of the simplest things you have the right to think of. 

Unlike many other video editing programs, Final reduced Pro doesn’t sell you the standard “Save” button and also doesn’t provide you a warning as soon as you leave the regime without saving. This happens due to the fact that it instantly saves you occupational by itself. However, there are a couple of things you have the right to do to get an ext control end the entire saving process, therefore let’s take a look at them!

Deactivate the Autosave

Obviously, this is no recommended, yet you can do it by complying with the next steps:

1. Uncover the Library Properties

You can accessibility this food selection by going to “Files” and choosing “Library Properties.”


2. Uncover the Storage locations Button

After you open up the “Library Properties,” you can see about five alternatives to the right of your screen. In order to deactivate the autosave, you require to find the “Storage Locations” section and also click top top “Modify Settings.”


3. Pick “Do no Save” top top Backups

After these setups are chosen, Final reduced Pro will prevent saving your projects, for this reason make sure to save them yourself!


If you decide to avoid the autosave, you need to constantly remember to save your work, i beg your pardon can gain overwhelming. Instead of law this, you have the right to use this small trick:

Whenever you want to not save an edit you just made, click “Command+Z.” The latest modify will be turned off from that memory, and you can simply continue from there. 

Quick save Your Projects

What I require to point out is the this no an alternative to save your work, yet to violin a very little video document to review. 

1. Walk to “Files” and also Select “Share”

This is just how you start the export procedure in Final reduced Pro.

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2. Pick “Master File”

In this window, you have all kinds of options you can play with. You can pick a different codec and also format, and additionally how large your paper is going to be.


3. Walk to “Settings” and readjust the video Codec

Final reduced Pro supports rather a lot of of different codecs, but for a rapid preview, you’re interested in selecting the one v the smallest dimensions — H.256.

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4. Review and Save

After you make her edits, you have the right to see how big your file will be and its extension in the bottom appropriate corner. All you must do currently is click “Next,” choose the location you want it to it is in saved, and you’re prepared to go. 

Final reduced Pro is quite intuitive and also carries the same processes Apple has used for some time now. Happily, currently you know how to save in Final cut Pro, and also how you deserve to customize it because that your very own needs.