So… you are happily browsing through Deviantart, looking at all the new art when, ‘oh no!’, YOU SPOT SOMEONE USING YOUR ART AS THEIRS!

What to do?

Well, the first step depends on your re-posting policy. Some people try to talk it out and ask for the reposts to be taken down or credit to be given with links to the source material… others (like me) just jump to reporting. For this tutorial, I’ll be reporting some dude that stole a drawing I made for the ML fandom.

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DeviantArt, as many other websites will only allow you to file a report for the content that you have created. This means that if you see someone stealing stuff from another artist, you will have to let said artist know so they can file the takedown report. DA won’t acknowledge a report made from someone who isn’t the original artist.

STEP 1 – Find the ‘Report Deviation button’

All deviations that are not uploaded by you will have a report deviation button below the details and stats section in the right side of the screen.



STEP 2 –

Once you click the Report Deviationbutton, a new window will appear.

In this window, you will see several options. The one you need to click is the one that reads: My intellectual property.

Now, DeviantArt is sometimes weird. And the Submit Reportbutton might not always work. If that happens to you, then just click on the link that says File a DMCA Notice. Both links will take you to the same page. This will also do the trick:


Also, you might have noticed there’s also a section named PERMISSION ISSUES. That section states that if you are not the original creator then you should read the following journals:


It won’t let you submit a report. If you find someone stealing art from someone who is not you, please let the artist know.

STEP 3 – Fill out the forms

Choosing Someone else will link you to the art theft discussions, but, again, you won’t be able to submit a report if the content is not yours.


Add the link to the infringing image on DeviantArt

Fill in the details to your work:

Title of your work

Link to DeviantArt page where your art is.


Clicking on the Add another deviation button will add new spaces in case the person has more than one of your pieces up! (Massive report, Yeehaw!)


Add in your contact information.

The DCMA process requires that you include personal contact information to proceed with the legal notice, it will also ask you to check some boxes where you state that all the things you are saying are true:


After this, submit your Notice.

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A mail from DeviantArt’s Help Desk will appear in your inbox alerting you the takedown process has started. DA usually takes around a day to process these type of reports, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

Strength in numbers:

If the re-poster has tons of Takedown notices, his account will be closed and banned from the community. So, if you see other artist’s stuff in there, tell them to report too!