Silicone Remover easily gets rid of silicone based denture reline products from acrylic dentures in minutes, saving you time and effort. With simply a few drops, Silicone Remover allows you come peel far old relines, perfect the denture reline removal procedure with much less grinding and also less mess. Silicone Remover can also be used to eliminate silicone based impression product from custom impression trays.

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See just just how EASY removed old silicone-based denture reline deserve to be with Tokuyama’s Silicone Remover!

Effortlessly clears silicone relines from acrylic dentures works fast and also saves time as soon as removing old silicone reline basic to use much less grinding and less mess



removal of silicone-based relines from acrylic dentures removal of silicone-based impression products from trays


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Performed by: Dr. Richard Lipscomb Jr. Dr. Richard Lipscomb Jr. Operation a private practice in Mitchellville, Maryland, near Annapolis. That has remained in practice for 17 years.

Frequently request Questions

Is any cutting or grinding essential to start the remove process?

To work properly, Silicone Remover should be applied to a gap between the old reline material and also the acrylic denture base. If over there is no space present, one need to be made using a scalpel, knife, or bur.

Will Silicone Remover aid remove any type of denture reline material?

No, Silicone Remover will certainly only work-related on silicone-based soft reline materials.

About how numerous drops that Silicone Remover will I need per case?

This will vary depending on countless different factors, but there are some ways you can maximize the effectiveness of each drop. First, make certain you apply Silicone Remover come a gap in between the reline and the acrylic denture base. Second, try gently rocking the denture next to side as you peel turn off the old reline. This will ensure that the Silicone Remover spreads end as lot area as possible.

What is the shelf life for Silicone Remover?

Silicone Remover has actually a shelf life of 3 years, and does not should be refrigerated.

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Is Silicone Remover for sure to use in the mouth?

No, Silicone Remover is no safe to use in the mouth.