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ROM hacking Studio Ruby POKéMON irradiate PLATINUM page 368 started by Wesley FG October 26th, 2008 1:57 pm

Not brand-new here, however I�ve never ever posted before.I love this game, and I simply now began playing again on my iPhone. I realized there are a couple of different version available, though. Deserve to anyone explain that come me?So far, I�ve seen Mega, Plus, and also Final.Which of this is the most recent or far better version to play?
Final to be the last official release through the hack"s translator.Plus is not an official version; it adds the PSS split, brand-new Pokemon, brand-new moves, etc. The exact details are given somewhere deep within this thread. Yet it additionally introduced brand-new bugs and glitches and also I think the final event is no playable (from what I"ve heard; I"ve never played it).Not sure around Mega. Probably one more unofficial mode which adds irreversible mega evolutions.

seems the plus version isn"t gonna obtain fixed since I ran into the video game breaking event. Would love because that someone to deal with the worry so i deserve to continue.


Wait, irradiate Platinum has PSS Split? I assumed implementing such feature into a Ruby rombase will cause much inconvenience. Or is it just mere symbols like in Ruby Renev?

Evolving pokemon crashes the game for me instantly, both as soon as I used the water stone on Feebas quickly as I captured it at the lake and also getting Charmander come lvl 16 prior to the first Diamond battle. Making use of mGBA if that matters, wonder if its a emulator thing or not.Huge shame cause I to be wanting to shot out this hack for a very long time however wasn"t certain which version to use untill now, ended up do the efforts Plus.
Evolving pokemon crashes the game for me instantly, both once I used the water stone on Feebas quickly as I caught it in ~ the lake and getting Charmander to lvl 16 before the an initial Diamond battle. Utilizing mGBA if that matters, wondering if its a emulator point or not.Huge shame reason I to be wanting to shot out this hack because that a very long time yet wasn"t sure which version to use untill now, ended up make the efforts Plus.
once I try to randomize the light platinum ds rom that bugs so can someone pls randomize that rome for me... The settings are this pls do this come me I want to play a randomized game pls pls If girlfriend did it tysm
ok because that those that desire all pokes..or just eevee! In emerald city u acquire eevee egg YAY..on my first play ns did what i usualy perform left that in crate till i acquire other egg or part friend associated evo pokemon,..few ours later i hatched egg and got male.....ofc i want female so i reset and hatched again ....male...reset...male hmmm..and point is it no random masculine it was exact same male..same nature stats..only means to acquire random is....moment u obtain egg for this reason i started over.. Conserved b4 i gained egg hatched right away if masculine reset and also do over till u obtain female
anyways appropriate in following town,,,.. U gain larvitar as frebe for this reason im playing this currently with randomizer but what ns interested is...can u acquire it v hidden ability i typical guts is all good but i dont favor tyranitar sand stream capacity much. Ns heard or read that if u have actually larvitar v hidden ability u will certainly evo it tyranitar covert ability.. Therefore it will certainly be my 1st one wish me lucky
okeeey therefore after 400+ soft resets ...u can much more or less manipulate sex nature also stats to some degree however i did not gain other ability just guts..ill shot some more..but for now i have to think is predetermined or... Difficult wish i had answer..
Ash Hobelia Also recognized As Ash Hobelia Discord Nickname Ash Hobelia

Twitch Streamer AshHobelia

This game is completed perfect right? ns played it all the means through and it to be amazing! just wanted come make sure nothing else to be gonna be included because that seemed like a complete game!
Hey, WesleyFG!Do you must decapitalize every one of them, make Pokémon ideal cries, and also make brand-new battle backgrounds?Also the Day and also night system?
WAIT!For the final VERSION that Pokémon irradiate PLATINUM,use grammar fixes:T.STEAM = TEAM STEAMSTEAM ADM = steam ADMINBULBASUR = BULBASAUR
HI! If everyone is still right here on this subject I"m suffering the glitch where upon evolution (specifically bulbasaur
lv16) the game display screen either soft resets or walk black with that broken sound (depends ~ above if I"m utilizing Mega version or Final). I"ve seen posts of rather experiencing similar problems and also it appears to it is in a difficulty with the mgba main point on openemu crashing the game an ext accurately 보다 vba upon evolution. Simply wondering if over there is a working solution or work roughly that would enable me come play the game like normal.UPDATE: Switched emulators come VBA as mentioned by snakebyte"s bio wherein the english job are. Bit less user-friendly and I usage a Wiimote together my key controller so had to likewise download Darwiin remote (mac user) come map key-board keys to the wiimote. Evolution crash doesn"t take place anymore which is nice so yes
I execute not know exactly how to download the game, i tried the media fox and Google journey download yet the mega download doesn"t work yet that can be since I am years late to this video game
Well you to be right about bugs in these mods, I obtained stuck in the third gym of irradiate Platinum Mega. After saving the game I"m currently locked in the third gym without any kind of posibility of obtaining out. The word "final" in the mega version"s title is treacherus.
hi there. In the brand-new edition ns am no sure just how the traded pokemon case works exactly. How do i gain a electirive and also alakazam

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ok I just want to know I download the game however seems prefer charmander has continuous blaze ability and not drought have the right to someone aid me v that I"m confused if it was up date or what occurred