To start NBA 2K20 push your controller’s glow Xbox logo switch to carry up the Xbox key menu.

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Use the left rod to move down to “My games & apps” and also select the by pushing “A”.

Next choose “See All”. This will lug you to the “Games” page. Usage the left stick to navigate to and select NBA 2K20. 


(:28) as soon as in NBA 2K20, select the “Play Now” option found on the peak left that the screen header. Usage the left stick to relocate to choose the game kind “Play with Friends Online” native the list.


Use the left pole to role to “Play with Friends Online” and also select it. This will carry up the player Locker Room and displays which of her friends are currently online. 


(:46) once a girlfriend is online, your Gamertag will appear on the right-hand side of your display screen under “Friends Online”. Using the left stick relocate to their Gamertag and press the “A” button. This will give you the alternative to either invite them to the locker room or view their gamer card. Press “A” on invite come the locker room.


(1:06) as soon as your enemy accepts her invitation, their Gamertag will relocate to “In the Locker Room”. Next press the switch with 3 horizontal lines, located listed below the glowing Xbox logo design on your controller to development to the following menu. Native this menu, you room able to customize your game settings, make sure you complement the game setup to Rival"s mentioned settings.


(1:30) push the menu button, the one v the 3 horizontal lines, to continue onto the Team select screen. This screen is whereby you room able to choose the team you will play as in the game. To cycle v all obtainable teams, use the right or left root cause on your controller. 


Once both players have actually selected your teams, the game will immediately begin.

Good luck! 


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