One of the most useful simple resources in 7 days to dice is clay. Having a great source the clay is important as you’ll need it to craft among the many important beforehand game make stations, the forge. Clay, has a lot of other offers in the game which will certainly be defined later in the post. Fine cover what you require to acquire clay, what is the best method to obtain it and talk around some of the things you need clay for.

How to get Clay in 7 Days to Die

Getting clay is one of the most basic things you have the right to do in 7 Days to Die. To gain clay, just look in ~ the floor in any biome in the game and also destroy the ground. Ns personally recommend utilizing a shovel in stimulate to rest the ground and also get clay, yet it is feasible to struggle the ground v your bare hands to get clay together you deserve to see in the photo below.

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The bottom ideal of the screen shows girlfriend which items you’ve gathered
As you have the right to see in the picture above, as soon as hitting the ground also with ceiling hands the player can acquire clay native the soil. Together with plant fibers, clay is among the resources gathered once digging top top grassy soil. If you room in the desert, girlfriend will gain clay and also sand once breaking down the ground. To do the most out of her clay hunting experience, i personally recommend acquiring yourself a shovel.

Getting Clay making use of a Shovel

As you would certainly expect, using the shovel to destruction in the ground provides the procedure a lot faster and also has the player yielding much more resources for their efforts. Every time friend hit the ground through the shovel in 7 job to dice you will get 3-5 units of clay. As soon as the piece of dirt is destroyed, you will get a further 10 or so clay. Not a bad effort for a couple of shovel loads.
Using a shovel is the best means to obtain clay
As you can see in the image above, the character controlled to acquire 38 devices of clay in one hit. This is all just using a rock shovel together well. A rock shovel is definitely good enough to destruction up the dirt and also get part pclay for your crafting purposes.

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Crafting a rock Shovel

In bespeak to get clay, you’re probably going to want to craft your really own shovel. Luckily, there is a rock version that the shovel so you won’t have to worry around smelting up any type of metal simply yet. You can crft a shovel without any kind of kind of workbench or anything.
Crafting your an extremely own rock shovel
You will require three different varieties of products to craft a shovel:Small Stone: discovered on the ground and also picked up utilizing the communication buttonPlant Fibers: uncovered on the ground as tall grassy plants. Additionally found by damaging soilWood: derived by hitting trees through tools or bare handsAs you deserve to see indigenous the items perform above, crafting a rock shovel is nice easy. Every one of the sources are pretty straightforward to acquire even at the start of the video game when girlfriend don’t have actually anything. As soon as you have every one of the item, open up the crafting menu and just form shovel into the find bar at the optimal of the menu.You must see the shovel in the list. Click on the stone shovel and select the option on the left of the little menu which reads Craft or alternatively just press the W an essential when girlfriend have all of the items essential to craft the shovel.
The in-game shovel tooltip

What is Clay used For?

Clay is one of the most useful starting resources in the game. At some point in the game, anyone is going to have to discover clay in order come progress. Since of the fact you need 60 Clay soil to develop the forge, amongst other things, means that without an initial obtaining soil, the player will never be able to smelt metals down in order come make progressed ingredients.
The build is your door to steel smelting
There space a couple of other recipes that call for clay in stimulate to craft them in 7 Days come Die. For example, the player will require clay and also rocks in stimulate to craft walls and also floors made from cobblestone. Funnily enough clay is among the most versatile ingredients in 7 Days come Die. You can use clay to make dirt blocks, agriculture blocks whereby food and also plants deserve to be grown, the at home potted plant furniture item and also even Breaching slugs which are supplied as ammunition in the shotgun.Clay is a very versatile crafting product that the player will have a good time crafting with as soon as they have discovered some. Ns hope this guide has assisted you uncover all the clay you need whilst play 7 days to dice whether you’re play on PS4, Xbox or PC. Until next time!Related: 50 tips for project Zomboid | just how to revolve Blocks in 7 Days come Die
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