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If you plan on make a clean getaway in The Escapists 2, you’ll require to obtain guard secrets to unlock and access particular parts the the prison. That course, you can’t simply take a guard’s crucial without facing consequences, therefore you’ll need to make a duplicate because that yourself. This guide will briefly define how to copy guard keys in The Escapists 2 to obtain the Plastic Keys compelled for your escape plan.


The Escapists 2 - Guard crucial Guide

Before attempting come steal a guard’s key in The Escapists 2, you’ll need to do a bit of to plan first. Each vital in The Escapists 2 is shade coded based upon type. Various parts the the prison require certain colored keys. Here’s exactly how each key color breaks down:

Red key (Staff Key) - Accesses locations that just guards and staff have the right to go.Cyan crucial (Utility Key) - Unlocks energy areas, such as the ventilation device or rooftop.Yellow crucial (Cell Key) - Unlocks jail cells throughout Lights Out.Purple crucial (Entrance Key) - opens up the locked one-way entrance doors throughout Lights Out.Green an essential (Work Key) - Opens work-related rooms, such as the janitor’s room. You likely won’t this key if you have actually a job.

Each guard will have actually a certain colored key, however it’s no the same for everyone. It’s vital to note which guards have actually which tricks in your video game so the you can know wherein to uncover the tricks you require later.

To understand which guard has which keys, merely knock castle out and search your inventory. Don’t take the key yet, though. If the security wakes up and also finds their crucial missing, you’ll be punished. As soon as you’ve viewed which vital a guard has, its symbol should show up on the map for easy tracking.

The Escapists 2 - exactly how to do a vital Mold


To duplicate a safety key, you’ll need both a crucial Mold and Molten Plastic. For the vital mold, you’ll need a Wad that Putty, which can be crafted out of a bathtub of Talcum Powder and a pipe of Toothpaste.

Once you have actually a Wad that Putty in your inventory, the next step is to briefly take it a crucial from a guard. The putty is supplied for make an impression the the key, providing you a crucial Mold to craft a duplicate guard key.

Find a security who has actually the crucial that friend need, and also lure them away from the infirmary. Knock them out, then quickly search your pockets for their key. In the make menu, put the Wad of Putty and also the Guard vital in the crafting slots and press Craft. This will produce a key Mold the that certain guard key. Now, easily return the original crucial back into the guard’s pockets before they wake up.

In the occasion that the security is sent out to the infirmary prior to you’ve replaced the key, fall the vital on the ground and also go hide in a locker or what safe. Wait till the shore is clear and also your heat level has actually gone down.

The Escapists 2 - exactly how to handmade a Plastic Key


You’re almost ready to create a duplicate security key. All you require now is Molten Plastic come pour into your new vital Mold. To create Molten Plastic, collection either a Comb or a Toothbrush, and also craft it along with one Lighter.

Now, simply craft the Molten Plastic v the key Mold friend made earlier to create a new Plastic Key. Girlfriend will also need to have actually a specific level of knowledge to properly craft a Plastic Key. Make sure to hide the duplicate in the hidden Compartment inside your desk to ensure it doesn’t gain taken.

Plastic tricks will loosened durability as you use them, an interpretation you have the right to only ustrident-gaming.nete a solitary Plastic an essential to open doors around 10 times before it will certainly break. The duplicate cannot be provided for making an additional mold, therefore you’ll have to repeat the process trident-gaming.netain if girlfriend want an additional Plastic Key.

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That’s it! now that you know exactly how to obtain guard keys and craft Plastic keys in The Escapists 2, friend have every little thing you require to access various doors and areas throughout the prison. While planning her escape, girlfriend may also want to note every one of the prison routines in The Escapists 2.