Ever since I post my most recent video of my Nightcrawler tail, mine inbox has been filled with a bunch of assorted questions of exactly how I make it.

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SO ns just determined to offer you men a quick rundown through the WIP picture I’ve taken therefore far. Please feel totally free to use this an approach for your own cosplays, because the outcomes are yes, really amazing!! This deserve to be used to do any type of relocating tail, just edit the sample to your liking!!

I loosely followed this tutorial, so credit transaction for the original idea goes come him!!Between his and also my tutorial, this way of make an articulated tail have to be pretty clean :D

Supplies:-Paper-1 handmade foam board-X-Acto knife-Denim or some type of non-stretch sturdy fabric-Thick upholstery foam-Scissors-4-way large fabric


OKAY for this reason I began out through a digital pattern that I attracted myself. I recognize I wanted it to be very long, so i made that as lengthy as i thought feasible without it dragging. IF the DRAGS, your TAIL will NOT SWAY. Likewise make certain your tail is horizontal to her body. If the goes upright at any type of point, it will certainly not persuade with gravity. Please don’t make the mistake!!


I be separate them into three documents. This component took a couple tests until I obtained the sizing right. Just keep cut them out and assembling the document models until you choose the result!! :D Make certain you keep YOUR file MODEL till your tail is fully finished. You will require it.

Here’s my document model:


Cut that out v an x-acto knife. Scissors give a messy finish and hurt your hand. Make certain you cut them out neatly because your whole tail will be based roughly this skeleton!!


See the blue in the center? That’s the fabric.

Now you can test out your tail! guide it ago and forth and also see if you prefer the movement. Ns didn’t prefer the motion at first, and also felt it was a small stiff. For this reason I shaved off the end of few of the foam board pieces so lock weren’t emotional as closely and had an ext room come sway. Have actually fun v it, and play around until you obtain the result you like.


Told you you’d use that file pattern over and over.

Get your upholstery foam, and also trace the sample onto it.My foam is about 4″ thick.

Cut the end one cube:


Make sure you map out the section lines onto the foam.

Take scissors and start chopping at the foam to acquire the slim tail shape you want.


Hot glue and also gorilla glue the all together. There’s her tail base!!Make certain the external is as smooth together you need it to be. Because EVERYTHING is walk to present through your fabric. I made decision to leaving mine a small bit bumpy to provide it texture, however some human being might want a supervisor smooth tail. The all depends on what an outcome you’re walking for.


Patiently upper and lower reversal it inside out after it’s every sewn. Then begin fitting that over her tail. Be cautious with this step and also go progressively so friend don’t tear your fabric!! It’s going to it is in a an extremely tight right to avoid bagging and also wrinkles.

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I spray painted the tail reminder blue after that too.


Cover the basic of your tail with a circular piece of fabric. Sew it come the tail.Then cut out 2 strips of elastic and sew the elastic to her tail base. Make sure it’s positioned in ~ the really TOP of your tail!!


Attach this come a belt, and also you’re done!! Make sure the belt is a sturdy, wide one for better results!!

All that’s left now is details such as texturing and adding the scales/spikesI haven’t gotten to that part though, for this reason I might make an additional tutorial ~ it’s completely finished!!~