through the Sidewinder, i am maybe to use the lock/reveal target bind to lock an enemy aircraft, however, with the Sparrow, ns am unable to perform this, and using R to switch targets doesn"t job-related for either of the missiles in mine case, choose it does because that heatseeking & radar guided missiles in arma. Any aid would be substantially appreciated, thanks! i can provide extra details if needed.

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Havnt tried it yet, i will take a look as soon as I obtain home, yet did you shot hitting ctrl R to rotate the radar on if it no already? yes a way to change targets together well, ns think it probably be t or crtl t, however youll have to inspect the crucial bindings. Im additionally just going off of continual arma3 experience, not certain if the the same for pf


Alright, thank you because that the input, yet this does not job-related with the phantom. After exploring a little with friends, I discovered only the co pilot is able come lock guided weapons such in ~ ATGMs, AAMs, and GBUs, i m sorry is problem considering the pilot has regulate of the missiles by default. Through modifying the pylons in the editor/zeus enhanced, friend can offer the co pilot these weapons, and also the co-pilot can use the radar and gunner video camer to lock things, definition pressing R and T will work as that does in typical arma jets if you"re in the secondary seat.It"s much better to give the pilot dumbfire supplies such as unguided bombs, rocket pods, etc. And to offer the co pilot your AA missiles, GBUs and also ATGMs.

Hey guys...what about countermeasures? pushing the dafault Arma 3 key does nothing type me, any kind of luck?
The weapons through the f-4 work a tiny differently from typical jets in arma, however it"s lot the exact same as helicopter weapons. The pilot have the right to have regulate over some, when the gunner, or "weapons solution operator" controls others. The pilot has actually ultimate authority and also you have the right to take direct control over the gunner"s weapons by picking "Manual Fire" from the role menu. When the gunner controls her missiles, I"ve uncovered that you generally don"t gain a locking tone. You just need to tell the gunner to target something through T or R and also then you"re currently locked and good to fire.

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