Werewolves have the right to be stout and also frightening enemies in The Witcher 3. Here"s a look at how you deserve to take under these fearsome foes.

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geralt fighting a werewolf and a load of wolves.
Werewolves in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt room classified as "Cursed Ones" under the monster to know umbrella. People from both human and also nonhuman races have the right to be afflicted v lycanthropy, i m sorry warps them into horrid beasts as soon as the moon is full, despite these civilization don"t remember your actions when in beast form. Once someone transforms, they lose the rational next of themselves, letting the primal nature that a creature in hungry agony take it over. This outcomes in werewolves own the intellect and sadistic cruelty of a person and the vicious nature, quick movements, and beastly power of a wolf.

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together a kind of creature that just began showing up in the civilization of The Witcher collection after the associate of the Spheres, they easy to understand possess supernatural powers past that the natural furred fiends like usual wolves and also bears. Werewolves space remarkably fast and powerful, though their most an overwhelming trait to get rid of in battle is their continuous health regeneration. Also the most professional witchers have to watch their step roughly these apex predators and consult well-known tactics in bespeak to obtain the advantage, for strolling up to such a monster in the light of the moon while unprepared can lead come a gruesome end for Geralt.

5 use Moon Dust to Block health Regeneration

cloud of silver about geralt and a lesser vampire.
This bomb is generally used together a means to stop specific monsters native teleporting or transforming, together it leaves a cloud that silvery powder in the air the blocks magic. However, versus werewolves, it has a different function. When a Moon Dust bomb explodes and makes call with a lycanthrope, that halts their health and wellness regeneration. This is the most straightforward method of impede a werewolf"s extremely fast healing. It can additionally be provided in conjunction v other approaches that damage Geralt"s furry adversary over time for great results.

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Each an easy Moon Dust bomb the hits its note will disable the great wolf"s restorative abilities for 20 seconds, v the enhanced version lasting 40 seconds, and the exceptional upgrade permanently impede the return of health points to the moonlit monstrosity.

geralt making use of a bomb through poison gas on a monster indoors.
Another an excellent bomb to use versus werewolves is Devil"s Puffball. As lycanthropes are not immune or resistant come poison, utilizing it against them deserve to immensely help counter their annoying wellness regen; essentially canceling it out while the beast is within Geralt"s toxic cloud. If stacked with the impacts of a Moon Dust bomb, that can conveniently drain big chunks of a werewolf"s health.

every levels of this bomb deal out a flat 100 clues of poison damages per second, for this reason the most important difference between the basic, enhanced, and also superior versions room the effect durations. The lowest level has actually a 10-second effect, the following level up has actually a 30-second effect, and also the final kind of Devil"s Puffball has actually an effective time the 33 seconds.

geralt dealing with a fill of wolves in a field.
Werewolves are used to physically conquering every confrontation the they discover themselves in. This usually requires them hunting, mauling, or murdering people and animals with small to no resistance. However, when challenged with a challenge; a witcher of similar speed, strength, and resilience; lycanthropes will certainly howl for backup. This summons a load of continual wolves to their aid, which outcomes in a really different sort of fight.

Thankfully, usual wild canines space not nearly as much of a risk as your therianthrope kin. Witchers should emphasis on eliminating this lesser beasts quickly, together they have the right to be rather a pains to resolve while fighting the much tougher werewolf adversary. Utilizing Group format techniques can help clear the end a pack. If supplied in tandem v Aard have the right to yield methods where Geralt can completely knock down one or an ext wolves v this publicly magical sign, which allows the witcher do a finishing relocate to soon rids self of one enemy. Rinse and also repeat until just the werewolf is left.

Witcher 3 Wolven Sword
although cursed ones choose werewolves are just susceptible come the kind dubbed Cursed Oil, it might not be the best coating because that one"s silver- sword. Although every variants of Cursed Oil provide a advantageous damage boost against resilient lycanthropes, players have to think around using Beast Oil instead. Beast Oil has actually no impact on werewolves, however, is greatly useful when handling the continual wolves the the monster summons to your side.

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against a enemy that will recover vast amounts of health and wellness every second, acquisition out distractions and other threats quickly is vital. Getting delayed over the food of a whole battle can provide the werewolf plenty of chances come recover wellness points, which will constantly placed Geralt in ~ a disadvantage and prolong the fight. Such a instance could cause the witcher running the end of potions; a really dangerous position to it is in in. The highest possible level the Beast Oil supplies a significant 50% damage rise per cut for 60 effective attacks, i m sorry can aid one cleave v a fill of wolf at document speeds.

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The Igni magical authorize is probably the many used out of every the indications by witchers the world over because that its excellent adaptability in most situations and also the amount of damage it does, even against foes not notably susceptible come fire. Against werewolves, it is the most helpful sign to use as lycanthropes room weak come fire and get stunned briefly when influenced by a witcher"s scorching blast. This can open them up for a couple of silver knife slashes or do them stay put long enough to it is in hit through a bomb.

The ideal strategy come take down a werewolf actually supplies this very method. Devil"s Puffball, in enhancement to wreaking havoc on a werewolf"s health bar, is also incredibly flammable. If one"s target is within a lingering cloud that the noxious green fumes developed by this bomb, unleashing Igni (from a for sure distance) can cause a destructive explosion that will certainly send any lycanthrope reeling.

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