Is over there any means for i m sorry we room able to stop a zombie indigenous de-spawning no matter how far we go? If so, what room all possible ways?

Bonus question: what space all the other techniques for i m sorry we have the right to prevent a zombie indigenous de-spawning within a certain block radius?



There"s one, pretty expensive way: name the zombie making use of a name tag.

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Name tags outside an imaginative mode can be uncovered in endowment chests, or together rare loot as soon as fishing (not in reality so rare if using "luck of the sea" fascinating fishing rod).

You rename them using the anvil, and also then use to offered mob. Once named, the mob will not despawn. Of course, enemy mobs will stay hostile, mortal and also in situation of some, prefer creepers, suicidal, yet at the very least they don"t despawn. Additionally, you acquire monster"s surname over their head.

Or if you have actually cheats enabled, you deserve to spawn a mob v the sign PersistenceRequired:1 v command block that stop the lot from despawning.

The cheapest means to have actually non-despawning zombie is to have actually it pick up an item. Just a details percent the zombies have the capacity to pick up items - 20% ~ above hard, 7% on normal, 1% top top easy; zombies with at first naturally spawned "rare drop" items (potatoes, iron ingots) don"t count - it need to be any kind of item choose up after spawning.

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As every the Minecraft Wiki page on Spawning/Despawning, despawning can occur at any type of time as soon as there is no player within 32 blocks of a mob. There is likewise the heat

"In multiplayer, despawning walk not occur while there room no football player in the game."

So, your alternatives basically come under to making certain that any time there space players on her server, at the very least one of lock is in ~ 32 block of the mob. Because that vanilla servers, that"s around the finish of it, though if you"re willing to pay because that an extra copy, you deserve to probably have actually an extra copy of the video game running 24/7, with that player stand somewhere, probably set to creative mode therefore they can"t die, permanently leaving a little despawn-less radius. It"s a little bit ugly that a solution, however it"d work.

Or, of course, there"s also almost certainly something obtainable in the scrillion Minecraft mods out there that have the right to do this. Ns personally only really pat vanilla, so ns can"t really talk about those.

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In current versions that MineCraft, mobs that room able to choose up item (and sometimes spawn already wearing armor or stop a tool or weapon) will never despawn.

This method that you can not "choose" even if it is a certain mob have to not despawn (unless you usage nametags as explained in SF"s answer), however, you have the right to "filter out" i beg your pardon ones will certainly persist if you throw an item at them and they pick them up.

One an excellent item to "test" v is pumpkins together the an outcome is automatically visible: mobs will wear castle on their heads (and together an added bonus, will likewise protect them from burn up in daylight).

See more: Who Wrote Call Me The Breeze, Who Wrote They Call Me The Breeze

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