The swimming swimming pool skimmer pulls water native the optimal of her salt water pool and also removes leaves, bugs and also other debris prior to the water gets run v the filter, rechlorinated and returned back to the pool. But the pool skimmer opening also provides another important purpose: It’s wherein you affix the end of your pool hose come vacuum her pool.

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Normally the swimming pool skimmer has actually a very strong suction because of the tiny opening and also close proximity to the pump. That and also the fact that the only other method the swimming pool pump paint, etc in water is from the main drainpipe at the bottom of the pool. Once you lose skimmer suction, it may be since of a full skimmer basket, blockage in the piping, a leak, or most most likely a water filter that either needs to be backwashed, rinsed or replaced. It may additionally be a trouble with the skimmer valve the is either partly closed by chance or top top purpose and forgotten about.

Here are a list of things to inspect throughout her salt water pool device that might be causing you the trouble.

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Skimmer and Main drain Valves

When we an initial bought our residence with an currently pool, I had actually to familiarize myself v the pool mechanism on my very own as no training to be offered and I no feel favor paying ours pool agency $75 for their pool school. Yeah, i’m cheap but I likewise like figuring stuff the end myself.

We have standard white swimming pool piping v the familiar red plastic handles to control waterflow. Ns learned the one valve opens and also close the skimmer. One valve opens and closes the key drain. And a 3rd valve constantly stays open and isn’t ever touched just because. That’s all ns know and I don’t touch it.

The difficulty with these red plastic knobs is that with constant use and also with ours harsh winters, eventually through opening and also closing the skimmer in time for whatever reason, the plastic valve knob ~ above the pipeline starts come wear off and also loses that is grip. Just like a screw head it s okay worn the end if girlfriend tighten and also loosen the very same screw repeatedly.

Long story short: A couple of times, ns couldn’t open up the valve fully because the threading on the red take care of or top top the valve actuator itself wore out and I left the valve closed.

Always twin check come ensure the your valves space left completely opened when you want them open and that you didn’t accidentally shut lock or restrict them. And if girlfriend have kids who like to play earlier there, they might have accidentally closeup of the door a valve there is no anyone knowing.

Pool Filtration System

In mine experience, the biggest reason you shed suction anywhere in the pool system and also why return water jets right into the pool suddenly obtain really low circulation is because of an issue with your pool filter. In every likelihood the filter demands to it is in backwashed (sand or D.E. Filter) or properly rinsed (cartridge filter).

Our cartridge filter it s okay clogged once algae sets in and also late in the season if ns haven’t rinsed the recently. I’m amazed by exactly how much heavier the huge cartridge it s okay (we have actually a 2-cartridge Sta-Rite mechanism 3 filter) once it’s full of crud. The lot of sand and also mud the washes the end is unreal. The still heavy after rinsing but not rather as lot as prior to cleaning it. Specifically if birds is a problem. The really clogs filters. I’ve also had an inch of sand sit at the bottom of the filter housing that i literally scoop out.

And sometimes after a couple of years the use, suspect the cartridges aren’t ready to be changed they could need come be soaked overnight in a filter cleaner to reduce oils and other contaminants that a hose rinsing alone i will not ~ accomplish. I was great at exactly how filling a large, clean garbage bucket full of water and adding a $7 bottle of filter cleaner would aid the cartridges as soon as I popped lock in and also left castle overnight to soak. I rinsed them turn off the following day, reinstalled castle in the system, fired increase the pump and also felt the incredible solid force the water native the return water jets inside the pool.

Keep one eye top top the push gauge on her filter due to the fact that normally a PSI analysis of 8 – 10 or worse means it’s time come backwash or rinse. Poor filtration deserve to seriously impact water flow and suction.

Pool Skimmer Basket

Pool skimmers can obtain packed with leaves and debris over time and also after hefty wind or a rain storm.

The pool skimmer basket it s okay filled v leaves and also other debris. And also occasionally a dead animal. Sad however true. Every one of this debris can block water flow especially if friend haven’t checked the skimmer in a few days, were far from your house, have actually leaves and twigs that blow into your pool, or have had heavy rain and wind which blows more debris into your pool.

Our skimmer basket has likewise sucked in roof tiles that damaged off during a wind storm as well as plastic chip bags and other junk that somehow flew right into our backyard! This stuff certainly blocks and restricts water flow.

If something gets lodged in the skimmer, that can force the skimmer trap door open and if it remains open, water won’t flow in and it will certainly suck air. I’ve that occur too. You will hear a trouble if the pump is to run though. You will hear the sound of waiting being sucked in and the pump struggling. The sooner you get to the problem, the better.

Pump Basket

Learn to listen for the sounds your pump makes. I notice right far from sound alone once the pump is suck air and is having trouble pumping as simply mentioned above. It renders a certain sound that method something is blocking that somewhere and also I have to go look and find out easily what’s causing it. In mine experience, it’s regularly the pump basket the is complete of debris specifically if we had actually a storm or i haven’t confirm the basket in a few days.

Do you north the basket after ~ every time you vacuum the pool? The pump basket collects all the junk from vacuuming. I have emptied fully full baskets full of leaves, twigs and also other stuff that ns couldn’t think made that in the basket after ~ vacuuming. Long twigs number of inches in length, dead worms, leaves, mud and also other crud. It’s several pounds hefty at time from every the vacuumed ingredient it’s holding.

Main Drain

Do you have a main drain blockage? The main drain is in ~ the an extremely bottom that the swimming pool at the very deepest part. It’s favor a drain in a bath tub except that it’s harder to reach. Uneven you prefer diving right into the pool and also going every the way down v goggles to inspect your main drain (Personal note: I’ve never ever done this!) you can only visually check the main drain while standing external the pool looking under at it as soon as the water is still.

How does that look? Is there anything blocking the or restricting flow? when a clogged main drainpipe shouldn’t have to restrict skimmer water flow, if there is a blockage or leak under there, it’s going to cause you trouble either way. Remember: Things get sucked into the main drain by the pump so once it sucks something in, even with the pump shut turn off it could remain grounding there until it is removed even if you can’t check out it from exterior the pool looking down.

Pool Skimmer Water Height

I constantly use the pool skimmer as my gauge come ensure the water level is correct and to visually see how much water was lost because the critical time ns checked! Water evaporation in the summer (it’s real and also significant) and water shed to splashing (not as huge a deal) is conveniently visible as soon as you usage a usual measurement to easily look.

So every day ns walk exterior to the pool and also take a look at the skimmer and also make a keep in mind of whereby the water level is and also compare it mentally to where it to be the work before, or the critical time i checked. Friend can conveniently see once water requirements to be topped or conveniently spot a possible problem prefer a swimming pool leak.

The water level because that my pool demands to be 1/2 to 3/4 the the way up the swimming pool skimmer. If it’s much lower, the skimmer won’t draw in sufficient water and will suck air. Not good! Water has to be high sufficient to flow into the skimmer inlet through no waiting present. This can negatively influence suction ~ above the skimmer. You may need to add water come the swimming pool if as well much has actually evaporated which it will during the summer, with sunny weather.

If the water level is too high – frequently if we get torrential rain i beg your pardon we have experienced – the water level is suddenly greater than the skimmer opening and also won’t appropriately skim. This won’t negatively influence suction top top the skimmer however it will protect against the skimmer native skimming! for this reason if friend ever notice leaves floating transparent your swimming pool or close to the skimmer, it can be because the water is as well high. You might need to drain water till you have actually the ideal height.

Vacuum Hose and Head Attachment

This isn’t a problem with the skimmer every se yet if you’re having actually vacuum cleaning problems with little suction, ns can almost guarantee you have actually something stuck in your hose. The pool hose often tends to be an extremely long for this reason it can reach each part of the pool. That method there a many of space inside the hose for points to acquire blocked. If you choose up a hose, it’s reasonably heavy given it’s lengthy length. Therefore twigs, mud, leaves, etc may get recorded insight without you knowing around it due to the fact that it’s already a hefty object to start with. And also it reasons problems v vacuuming.

Since the water tap isn’t transparent, friend can’t view the blockage also though that there. In my experience, twigs and also then pipeline from the bottom of the pool obtain clogged end time and also cause the vacuum to work improperly. I’ve had actually to take it the pool hose and also either hit it against the floor to ease blockages or hose it out v a high push hose to clean it out.

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The skimmer is offered for not only skimming the height of water to remove leaves and also other floating debris but likewise for pool vacuum cleaner. You deserve to lose suction in the skimmer for a number of reasons as mentioned over but the key ones in my suffer is a blockage somewhere in the piping, a packed skimmer or pump basket or an ext likely a filter that needs to it is in backwashed, rinsed or replaced. Specifics the sand in the instance of a sand filter or the cartridges in a cartridge filter may need to be replaced if ~ cleaning, the difficulty remains and you can’t find a blockage, leak or various other issue.