Protect your enterprise with point-and-click devices that improve trust, transparency, compliance, and also governance across all of her business-critical apps.

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screen app and data usage

Automate security plans

Encrypt sensitive data

operation compliance audits

Natively encrypt your most sensitive data in ~ rest across all of your apps with Platform Encryption.
Create a forensic data-level audit trail with up come 10 years of history, and set triggers for when data is deleted.
Locate perceptible data — like credit map numbers or social defense numbers — for this reason you have the right to take the right procedures to safeguard it.

“Event surveillance is a really an excellent part of the platform. We\"re able come look at who is logging in native where. How often are sales agents or underwriters viewing customer data? What kind of data are they spring at?”

Karen Reichner | Director business Systems, Paypal loans

“ Shield allowed us to understand with a depth level of granularity what\"s continue in the environment and even prevent negative things from happening.”

Andrea Acciarri | Director, PwC
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The Lightning Platform gives mobile application builder tools for everyone, indigenous code-free drag-and-drop app builders come developer platforms the support any type of language. No matter what application your agency needs to drive its company strategy, the Lightning Platform provides tools that deserve to revolutionize how you do business.

Enterprise application Development: Application advance is becoming much more agile and collaborative in between businesses and also agencies, largely enabled by the fostering of cloud technologies.

Social Media Marketing: Entice her audience using an effective social media marketing tools. Our functions can help you increase your society marketing capabilities and take her brand\"s social visibility to brand-new heights.

HR Software: Connect every employee on the Lightning Platform, and give your entire organization the devices they need for success

Encryption Software: Cutting-edge encryption software program to to construct trusted and secure cloud apps fast.

Digital revolution Framework: Digital transformation — the process by which institutions modernize us to incorporate brand-new digital innovations throughout your entire business — is becoming absolutely essential.

Mobile Application development Tools: These mobile application development tools combine data from heritage systems into apps.

Mobile CRM Software: Manage her day activities where ever before you are, in a single unified app.

What is Marketing Automation?: Marketing automation examples, common applications, and also best techniques from

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What is PaaS?: Platform as a company (PaaS) is a cloud design that provides all the infrastructure forced to produce & manage custom cloud app. Review our PaaS definition here.