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Ji-Kun"s Flock

Ji-Kun"s young are located throughout the roost and progress through different stages the life. After a period of incubation Young egg of Ji-Kun will certainly hatch into Hatchlings. When fed by Ji-Kun, the Hatchlings then mature into Fledglings. Both Fledgling Eggs and Mature Eggs will hatch into Juveniles.

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Young Egg the Ji-Kun – egg in the lower swarms located around Ji-Kun"s roost will certainly periodically hatch. When the egg hatches, a Hatchling will emerge.
Hatchlings – Hatchlings will contact for Ji-Kun to feed them shortly after spawning. If a Hatchling senses food nearby, it will attempt come feed. If a Hatchling properly feeds, it will mature right into a Fledgling.
Mature Egg that Ji-Kun – Mature egg of Ji-Kun take longer to incubate and also spawn a Juvenile when the incubation process is complete.
Juvenile – Juveniles easily take to the air and fly over the main platform that Ji-Kun. Juveniles periodically actors Cheep at a arbitrarily target because that as long as they"re alive.
Nest Guardians – top top Heroic difficulty, several of Ji-Kun"s nest are safeguarded by colony Guardians, which will certainly attack any type of players attempting to disturb your nest.
Feed Young – Ji-Kun spits up globs the food for her young. If a Hatchling has dubbed out because that food, Ji-Kun will aim this ability in your direction; otherwise the food will certainly land at arbitrarily locations approximately Ji-Kun"s platform. Once the food floor on the ground, it creates a feeding Pool.While a glob the food is traveling through the air, football player with flight can intercept the to prevent a Feed pool from forming. Doing therefore afflicts the player through Slimed, but additionally grants Primal Nutriment.
Daedalian wing – once an egg or hatchling native the lower nests located around Ji-Kun"s roost is slain it leaves behind a feather for players to loot. This feather grants the player Daedalian Wings. Daedalian wings grants the player an extra action button that allows players come take flight for 10 sec.

In normal difficulty, feathers provide 4 charges of Daedalian Wings. Players have the right to have as much as 4 dues at any kind of time.

In Heroic difficulty, feathers grant 3 dues of Daedalian Wings. Players have the right to have approximately 3 charges at any time.

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