The captain the the Corsairs has actually sailed to port Sarim, indigenous the freshly revealed town of Corsair Cove, deep in the southern of Feldip Hills. He suspects the a curse has been laid ~ above his crew, as they’ve gotten sick. You have to unravel the fearful and also conflicting story of ogre relics, vengeful mermaids and also demonic possessions. Perform you think you can assist him? Yes, girlfriend can!

The adhering to guide will assist you through your journey.

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There room no demands for this quest, and also the items needed have the right to be derived during the journey.

Items Required

· Spade (Obtainable during the quest)

· Tinderbox (Obtainable during the quest)

Recommended Items

· Stamina medicine (P2P)/ energy potions (F2P)

· Weapon and combat armour to defeat ‘Ithoi the Navigator’ (Level 35)

To start this quest, speak to Captain Tock at the crossroads simply north of harbor Sarim. He will certainly tell you the a curse has actually been laid on his crew and that he needs your help. Once you’ve agreed to help him, a cut scene will certainly appear and also show you whereby you can discover the boat. The boat will be located at the western end of Rimmington. Now, Speak come Captain Tock again come sail to Corsair Cove.

In this area, you’ll have to talk to four crew members; Ithoi the Navigator, Arsen the Thief, Cabin boy Colin and also Gnocci The Cook. The photo on your left will show you there exact locations.

If you didn’t carry a spade and also tinderbox in addition to you, a tinder box have the right to be found beside Gnocci the Cook and also a spade deserve to be found planted in the sand under the huge Tropical Tree (South – east of Gnocci the Cook’s hut). Girlfriend cannot access the financial institution until this search is completed.

Start by visiting Ithoi in his hut, i m sorry is situated south – west of Corsair Cove. That will claim it is a curse and that there are many things the can reason them.

Arsen and Colin space upstairs in the big hut immediately west of the dock and Gnocci is in the smaller hut slightly additional to the west. After talk to Ithoi, inspection what may have caused the curse by speaking to Arsen, Colin, and Gnocci in any type of order; each will tell you they resulted in the curse through various occasions that emerged to each respectfully. Each crew member"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgs claim will have to be investigated further.

Arsen’s Curse

Captain Tock request Arsen the thief to explore some caves west that the cove. He to be spotted through the ogres together he climbed down, and also in a hurry, grabbed some loot and quickly escaped. The thinks that he might have stolen a sacred relic and also the shamans have actually cursed his crew for it.

In bespeak to find out the truth, you’ll need to return the relic. So, head end to Captain Tock located on the ship and ask him because that the relic. Due to the fact that it’s the no usage to him, he’ll give you the ogre artifact. Take it the artifact and head west that the cove and also down the hole into the Corsair Cove Dungeon. Speak come Chief tress (Ogre chieftain) in ~ the entrance. She will tell you the he simply got hold of one that her numerous tooth-picks and that her shamans have not cursed the crew.

Return ago to Arsen and explain what really happened, so the he deserve to be assured the the curse was not his fault.

Colin’s Curse

What Cabin young Colin to trust is that he may have offended a mermaid ~ he experienced one making use of Ithoi’s telescope. The mermaid might’ve not favored strangers shouting about her appearance and blowing kisses. So, together a result she cursed the whole crew.

Head in the direction of Ithoi’s hut and also use his telescope to uncover that the mermaid Colin was referring come is in reality an ogre dubbed Bugs. You can recognize him as Rantz’s son, if you have actually completed the pursuit ‘Big Chompy Bird’.

Return ago to Colin and explain what really happened, so the he too can be assured the the curse was no his fault.

Gnocci’s Curse

Gnocci the cook will call you the while fishing for food, he found "https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgHer"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpg, a doll own by a demon, and buried it beside the tree where he to be fishing. He believes the this demon cursed the crew and also asks you to kill it.

Now, head west the Ithoi’s hut and dig by the bump of sand. You will discover that that a clockwork toy doll. Return ago to Gnocci and explain what yes, really happened, leaving that assured the the curse was no his fault.

After you’re excellent debunking Arsen, Colin and also Gnocci’s Curses, go back to Captain Tock top top the boat and also speak come him. He will now describe to you that the curse started when he and also Ithoi walk away because that a parlay and also when they returned, they uncovered out the their crew acquired sick after eat dinner. So, what would certainly the reason be because that Ithoi being sick? together he was through Captain Tock in ~ the time.

Go and speak come Gnocci, you find that that didn"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgt cook dinner the night, as he was still traumatised indigenous the "https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgpossessed"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpg doll. He tells you the Ithoi cooking dinner that night instead before leaving for his parlay with Captain Tock.

Now the it’s obvious that the main reason is the dinner cook by Ithoi. Next, head over to Arsen and speak come him. He will reveal that his brother, Francois, said him that Ithoi might be dismissed from Tock"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgs crew, as they have resolved in the Cove and no much longer need a navigator.

Time to speak come Ithoi. Phone call him the you heard a rumour that his food preparation made the crew sick. He will think you’re accusing the of poisoning the crew and asks why you would think so. Tell that the yes, really reason, the the Captain is thinking of shoot him and also he will certainly confess his crime. He had actually to make the crew believe that they were cursed in order to continue to be on the crew.

Speak to Ithoi again and also tell the you understand the curse is fake. He will tell friend he will not acquire up hence being unable to prove that is faking his illness. Leaving the hut and use the tinderbox top top the driftwood beneath Ithoi"https://trident-gaming.net/how-to-get-to-corsair-cove/imager_1_8099_700.jpgs hut. Seeing the hut in flames, Ithoi gets up and also runs exterior to douse the flame with magic. Go back to Captain Tock and also tell him everything, the will now ask you to death Ithoi.

Let’s start the final part of the quest.

Wield a weapon and armour prior to you return to Ithoi’s hut.

When you go back to Ithoi’s hut, he will immediately attack you. His combat level is 35 and also will use elemental strike spells or Curse (Level 19 magic) spell.

After you’ve killed Ithoi, return to Captain Tock and also explain him whatever that happened. The will thank you and mentioned the he will certainly speak to Yusuf (Banker in Corsair Cove), enabled you access to the bank on the cove.

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Congratulations, pursuit complete!

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