So I can get about 2000 fragments per week for each class by doing the dailies on Master difficulty. That means it would take about 5 months of constant grinding to get 1 of each catalyst. Other sources are few and far between as far as I can tell.

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Does anyone have any hints? My 5* champs are all stuck on level 3 or 4 because I just can't get enough catalysts.


Thanks but I'm nowhere near good enough for Epic quests. Neither is my alliance apparently. I'll bear it in mind for when I do eventually get good enough though

uncollected daily's are a great source, thats why its very important that you spend your first several on champs that can get you thru 5.2 story, good luck to you on your grind and in the contest!!!

Are you in an alliance? Even if you run 44433 in AQ, you’ll get glory & crystals that will help grow your roster. AQ is the fastest way to get rank up materials.

Remember that this game is a resource management game as much as anything else, so use your rank-up materials wisely.

And change your masteries up. You’ll probably need to do some arena grinding for units to buy some mastery cores, but it’s a great way to improve your skills. If you have maxed out all of those masteries you listed, you’re leaving a ton of help on the table. There are great guides here in the

Your advice on Masteries has already helped loads. There's a great guide on the 'about' section of this sub in case anybody is reading this in future.


Your skills seem to have fallen behind your roster. Work on that rather than trying to upgrade more and more champs.

Seems like you even have at least some(?) 5* r4 champs, so you should definitely work on becomming uncollected asap. May I ask what your top champs are?

Yellowjacket 5/55 awakened lvl76, Mephisto 5/45, Rocket 5/45, Elektra 5/40, Deadpool 4/40 awakened lvl56 (aiming to replace with X23 when I get some mutant catalysts to rank up).

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not really, you just gotta clear more content and it'll get a lot easier... I remember doing act 4 with 4* 4/40s... the other day I opened 40 t4cc crystals to r5 my 5* sparky.. just hang in there, it'll get better

There is so much T4c available. They give one In login calendar. You should have been here when it was hard to get. I have 17 unopened T4C crystals. If you can't do map 5 what are you complaining about..