In 2018, Destiny 2’s Festival the the Lost introduced the comeback of Thunderlord. A lightning-slinging machine gun native the previously version that Destiny. In the Arc week event, it to be introduced, and also it do a large deal because that the Destiny fans that were there once it every began. Plenty of of the players were hoping to obtain a Thunderlord in a drop, yet it is a pretty rare chance that Destiny 2 would certainly drop you v something good. With all the fan’s request, Thunderlord is back to the game but with a TWIST. You have actually to finish a quest and also earn the weapon at your very own skill. Now, let’s move forward on just how to get Thunderlord machine Gun in Destiny 2?

About Thunderlord destiny 2 machine Gun


The last step that the Thunderlord destiny 2 quest is to speak to Amanda Holliday to acquire the coordinates. It will certainly send you ago to the whispered falls lost sector from the ahead step and move ahead v the event.

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Activate the collapse teleporter once you’ve reached the end of the lost sector. You will be redirected to the Cosmodrome zone indigenous the original destiny. That is specifically what the sounds; you will be redirected to the old destiny because that the thunderlord machine gun.

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Simply follow the path presented in the game, you will come throughout Fallen ultra Kikliss, the murderer, who’s hiding in the old caves the Rixis. Death him, and also then you’ll acquire the reward when you return to the Holliday in the tower of case Ive’s last engram.

Now, have fun with the beautiful Thunderlord an equipment gun and also have funny grinding every the enemies.