PvE just came back with a vengeance. Take the end HVT contracts and also earn several of the ideal loot in The Division.

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The Division: just how High value Targets work and why you should care

Massive has revitalised The Division"s PvE game, make solo and co-op play in its large recreation of new York City fun and worthwhile again.

After getting to level 30 in the campaign there yes, really wasn"t plenty of reasons to bother with PvE, apart from farming the exact same dull day-to-day missions because that a grasp of Phoenix Credits.

But through the arrival of the 1.2 update and also High value Targets, there room fresh daily and also weekly challenges with tasty loot as a reward.

Here"s exactly how it works and why you must return to NYC if you need new gear and also a different challenge to the Dark Zone.

What space Search & ruin missions?


Search & destroy missions are where you knife Target Intel, a new form of currency. Girlfriend buy High value Target contracts using Target Intel.Firstly, you"ll must be level 30 and have cleared all side missions and encounters in a ar (Times Square, Midtown East, tortoise Bay, etc) to open up find & destroy missions within that district.Go to the safehouse in a district and check out the an alert board there. You"ll check out an symbol for find & ruin missions. As soon as activated, you have to seek out and kill three teams of enemies about the district. Completing each one will offer you 1 Target Intel.You can find you Target Intel in the pouches screen of the inventor, by the way.


Scan the map and you"ll watch that one named district is marked as Critical. Finish the search & damage missions below for bonus Target Intel.Target Intel is caped in ~ 99.Once you"ve perfect the find & damage missions in a district, head back to the safehouse and up to the notification board. Here you can claim your reward for beating every three goals - another 2 Target Intel and also a High finish item/weapon. Friend are now ready to begin a High value Target contract.

How High value Target contracts work


Head over to the base of Operations and also inside the protection Wing you"ll find two brand-new vendors. The everyday HVT Officer and also the Weekly HVT Officer. In between them they have six daily and four weekly HVT contracts.It"s right here you purchase a contract. They range in price from 5 Target Intel come 40 Target Intel, with proper rewards. The targets are split into four difficulties and it"s recommended some are assaulted in a group rather than solo.As examples, taking down the Komodo squad (5 Target Intel) offers 15 Phoenix Credits and a random High finish or Gear collection drop. Killing Captain Bruce (40 Target Intel) hands you 50 Phoenix Credits, a arbitrarily High finish or Gear set item and a weapon skin.For daily targets you have actually to complete the takedown in ~ the 24 hour period, and also obviously through weekly targets you have seven days indigenous the reset. If you effort a HVT contract and fail you have the right to go ago and try again in ~ the 24-hour or 7-day period. Leaving it later than that and also you"ll shed the contract and also the Target Intel friend paid because that it.


The HVT Weekly Officer likewise has High hazard Target contracts. These room costly and hard, and also if you fail you lose the contract. There"s no second chance. The reward has a guarantee item v a gear Score that 204 or more.You deserve to only have actually one HVT contract activated at a time, however you deserve to buy multiple contract in one go. Once you fail a HVT you need to go earlier to the base of Operations and also visit the officer to obtain the mission again. This is a pains in the arse. But why do you must do it? since the target may have actually moved come a different section the the map. Some HVT contracts room made harder by having actually a time limit attached. Fail come take down all the adds before you connect with the named enemy and you"ll need to go earlier to the base of Operations and start again.Only one human being in your team has to salary the Target Intel price, and no one is restricted by gear Score.

High worth Target loot

As well together credits and also other arbitrarily drops, completing High value Target contracts hands you guarantee High end or Gear collection items and also weapons. This is why it"s precious doing them.

High value Target (Daily) – 1x 182 High finish or 214 Gear collection – opportunity for 1x 191 gear SetHigh worth Target (Weekly) – 1x 182 High end or 214 Gear collection – chance for 1x 214 gear SetHigh risk Target (Weekly) – 1x 204 High finish or 1x 214 Gear collection – chance for 1x 240 gear Set

And v that, The department has come to be a lot much more fun because that solo and co-op players who require a break from the PvP Dark ar antics. Rewards room clear, and also there"s a program to earning Target Intel for this reason it"s easy to set simple daily and also weekly objectives with the expect of reaping the benefits.

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These High value Targets have the right to be a difficulty too, much more so 보다 running a daily Objective on tough mode, and also not as gruelling together trying a everyday on complicated difficulty. Putting a time border on the contract puts pressure on the football player to move forward and engage quite than waiting for the AI to come to you, for this reason you"re fighting against the clock as well as PvE enemies.

Massive has actually take a the majority of stick due to the fact that the relax of The Division, in specific when it pertains to balancing and pest fixes. Few of that has been justified, however with the alters from update 1.2 it seems to be gaining the loot-shooter back on the road to recovery. The playing field has to be evened, and there are currently multiple means to obtain High end items and also Gear collection pieces fairly than just farming the Falcon Lost incursion or spending hours gathering do resourses.

High value Targets are the ideal thing to happen to The Division"s PvE and also another welcome enhancement to the meta-game.