In any normal case, you won’t have to worry about your PS4 MAC address. If you pay for your own internet service, then your modem and router will do the work for you without much help. However, if you have to connect your device to a secured network while at college, at someone else’s house, or some places of business, then you will need some help. Here’s how to find the PS4 MAC address.

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PS4 Mac Address – How to Find It

Connecting PS4 to The Internet

If you do need a website for the establishment that maintains the internet you are going to use, be sure to contact the administrator for that establishment. In a university, the tech department would have that information available to you.

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If it’s a business, then you can more than likely ask either a receptionist or an employee for a link. In some cases, the company already has it set up for your computer browser to automatically be routed to the necessary website.

PS4 Mac Address – The PS4’s network diagnostic and status screens can yield a lot of useful information.

PS4 Mac Address – How to Find It

We have broken down the process into a simple step-by-step for your convenience.

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From the main menu screen (Cross Media Bar), arrow up from the Application list into the XMB menus.Scroll right to the toolbox-looking icon labeled Settings and open it.Move down the list until you find Network. Open it.Move down all the list to find View Connection Status. Open it.Halfway down the listed information, find the two different MAC Addresses for your device, one for LAN Cable and the other for Wi-Fi.

From here, you must choose between the Wi-Fi and the LAN Cable. You can also open a web browser such as Google Chrome and type in the network management URL which is often or where you can find information about your internet network. Use the Wi-Fi MAC Address if you intend to connect to a wireless connection

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