Apex Legends: every little thing You must Know around Lost treasures Apex Legends" recent Collection occasion runs until July 7. That adds new limited-time cosmetics and a brand-new game mode that fans won"t want to miss.

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Apex Legends started Season 5 ago in May, bringing a brand-new Legend into the mix and also a brand-new upgrade because that King"s Canyon submerged Skulltown. Now it"s time for another Collection event with shed Treasures. This limited-time event kicked turn off June 23 and also will run until July 7.

The mode brings through it 24 premium cosmetics items, a city Takeover by Crypto, brand-new Event prize Pack and also the Armed and Dangerous advanced game mode. Let"s look in ~ what football player should expect when diving right into Lost Treasures.

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24-Piece Limited Cosmetics

players will need to loosen their real-life purse strings if they want to obtain any type of of the 24 epic and legendary cosmetics for shed Treasures. Over there are numerous standouts, such together legendary skin for Revenant, Wraith and Wattson. The highly-coveted legendary cosmetics room worth 1800 Apex Coins (about $18) or 2400 make Metals. Additionally, players can purchase occasion Apex Packs because that 700 Apex Coins. These provide players a possibility at one legendary or epic item, together with two non-event items.

A Mirage trophy, which functions as a melee weapon for Mirage, is accessible to anyone completes the 24-piece collection during the lost Treasures event. Players will need to drop fairly a large amount the cash in order to obtain this item, which will be unlockable after ~ the occasion by security heirloom crafting metals.

Town Takeover: Crypto

one more Town Takeover has actually hit King"s Canyon during Lost Treasures. Apex football player may discover themselves stumbling top top a huge satellite come the south of the map. Inside, a Map Room can be offered to check the location of other squads. The effects lasts only for a quick while, however all players will have the ability to see every enemy location top top the map and check how numerous squads are left.

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Loot is scattered approximately the satellite, with new obstacles and also terrain that players will need to circumvent. The Map Room impacts can be caused as numerous times as players want, but they need to watch out for combat while booting increase the terminal.

Lost Treasures event Prize Pack

A brand-new Lost Treasures occasion Prize load is energetic for every Apex Legends" players. Over there are several cosmetics that space unlockable by completing everyday objectives, and also trackers because that Loba and also Lifeline. Football player will must rack increase 5,000 points over the course of the event if they want to unlock every little thing in the pack, and everything deserve to be unlocked for cost-free as lengthy as players put in the time.

The last big announcement for lost Treasures is Armed and also Dangerous Evolved, a brand-new game mode. Football player will start each match with a Mozambique, Evo Shield and one cell phone Respawn Beacon. There aren"t any other varieties of shields ~ above the map, and also all weapons room either shotguns or sniper rifles.

There aren"t many healing item scattered top top the map, so players will must be extra strategy in exactly how they choose to approach combat. The mobile Respawn Beacon can be collection up nearly anywhere ~ above the game map, however it can only be provided once. Players room able to loot these items off enemies" death boxes, however they execute not stack. It appears they are starting to show up in other video game modes, so football player will need to keep their eyes peeled.

Lastly, some Legends have received alters with this update. Lifeline, for example, has actually received a buff whereby she can now rez teammates while fighting and also walking around. The Apex Legends lost Treasures occasion won"t last lot longer, so football player who are interested should get digital and get those points. Some cosmetic items may return in the future, however others might not.

Apex Legends is currently accessible for PC, game stations 4 and Xbox One.

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