The Guild overcome armor collection is returning to Monster Hunter Rise alongside a brand-new Legacy Talisman. Similar to the Defender armor collection in Monster Hunter World, both space designed to help beginning players gain through the early Low-Rank quests. The armor set and talisman space immediately available via Senri the Mailman.

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Equipping the full Guild cross armor collection provides football player with an abilities that will boost gathering rewards and also improve mobility. Each piece of armor has a base defense stat the 24, through no positive or an unfavorable resistances. Furthermore, no the talisman no one armor pieces feature armor decorate slots. Hunters can additionally use the Guild Cross set as layered armor.

You can inspect out the complete Guild cross armor collection and heritage Talisman stats in the screenshot below:


The new equipment will be easily accessible at Senri the Mailman once players have actually downloaded the recent Ver.3.5.0 job of Monster Hunter Rise. just like previous cost-free DLC, you deserve to download the content through the “Add-On Content” tab in Senri’s menu.

Compared to Monster Hunter World‘s Defender set, the Guild cross armor set is just intended to gain players to High-Rank quests. The Defender set allowed football player to clear contents up until the Iceborne expansion. Notably, the Guild overcome armor collection also exist in Monster Hunter World. Players might craft the set using products earned through completing Arena and difficulty quests.

Watch the official announcement video below:

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming Sunbreak development is set to launch sometime in Summer 2022. A computer port that the video game will also be available on January 12, 2022.

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