Six daily trains, three in every direction, affix Granada with Madrid. Lock offer around 2000 seat a day. Granada is linked with Barcelona with two everyday trains, one in every direction.

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A good way to acquire to recognize Granada and also its background is by acquisition a tour. There are several amazing free and also private tours available by Civitatis:
Free tour of Granada: What much better way to acquire to recognize the hisotric centre of Granada than on a free go tour through a local experienced guide?!
Private tour of Granada: discover the covert treasures and also secrets that Granada exclusively just for you and also your partner, friends, or family.
These high-speed trains dubbed AVE have the right to reach a maximum rate of 330 km per hour (over 205 miles per hour). There room two different models: one with 310 seats, and also the various other one through 359 seats. Top top both paths there room stops at Antequera (Málaga) and Córdoba city, providing four day-to-day trains every direction because that these destinations.Trains come Córdoba, Zaragoza, Lleida and also TarragonaThese trains are the same ones the go come Madrid and Barcelona. They prevent in this cities prior to reaching their final destination.

AVE Trains Granada-Madrid

What walk AVE train stand for?

AVE stand for Alta Velocidad Española (literally High rate Spanish). They room high speed trains that can reach 300 km/hour (186 miles/hour) speed and also use special high rate tracks.

There room 568 kilometres (352, 93 miles) that high speed tracks between Granada and Madrid. What room the train times because that Granada - Madrid?The AVE train have three departures from Granada: at 7:10, 16:00 and 19:18; and also three departures indigenous Madrid: at 7:20 (7:35 on Saturdays and Sundays), 14:35 and 19:35.It take away about 3 h 05 min - 3 h 19 min to acquire to Madrid indigenous Granada. There is one prevent in Antequera, i beg your pardon is 47 minutes away from Granada; and another avoid in Córdoba, 1 h 21 min away.

A good method to get to know the Alhambra, the history, palaces and gardens is by taking a tour. There space several exciting free and also private tours readily available by Civitatis:
Alhambra Guided Tour: find the incredible background and design of the outstanding Alhambra, the Generalife and Nasrid Palaces through a passionate and experienced guide.
Alhambra open Air Tour: watch the Alhambra native a new perspective, visiting the next site of the beautiful Alhambra, free areas and gardens, the palace of Charles V...
How much do Granada-Madrid train ticket cost?The price for a ticket in economy course with flexible price is between 30 and also 80 euros one way.

AVE Trains Granada-Barcelona

What space the train stops and times because that Granada-Barcelona?The AVE take away about 6 h and 25 min from Granada to Barcelona. There is a daily train departing native Granada at 15:35, and from Barcelona in ~ 6:50.
During the trip the train stop at:
Antequera (50 min away from Granada) Puente Genil (1h 11 min away)Córdoba (1h 38 min away)Zaragoza ( 4h 29 min away) Lleida (5 h 16 min away) Camp Tarragona (5h 48 min away)

A good means to gain to know the Alhambra, that is history, palaces and gardens is by acquisition a tour. There room several amazing free and private tours available by Civitatis:
Alhambra Guided Tour: uncover the incredible history and architecture of the impressive Alhambra, the Generalife and Nasrid Palaces through a passionate and experienced guide.
Alhambra open up Air Tour: see the Alhambra from a new perspective, visiting the next site of the beautiful Alhambra, cost-free areas and also gardens, the palace of Charles V...
How lot do Granada-Barcelona train ticket cost?The pilgrimage to Barcelona costs between 60 and 120 euros one method ticket through Flexible fare.

Trains Granada-Seville

How long is the train jorney native Granada to Seville?

The trip time in between Granada and Seville is between 2 h 20 m and also 2 h 45 m. Trains prevent at Loja, Antequera-SantaAna, Puente Genil-Herrera and also Córdoba. In Córdoba the trains have to reverse the equipment to adjust the direction, for this reason the stop right here is a little bit longer (about 5 mins). Come compare, the faster bus native Granada to Seville take away 3 hours, and also 4 h 30 mthe slowest. The bus price is much cheaper, in between 5 and also 30 euros.

What is the price of the train ticket Seville - Granada?

The minimum fare because that the Seville - Granada train is 47 euros. If girlfriend buy a rail pass, thetravel jorney would certainly be cheaper.

What room the train schedules from Granada to Seville?From Granada to Seville (Santa Justa station):
exit at 06:40, come at 09:05 hours exit at 13:20, come at 15:55 hours exit at 17:20, come at 20:03 hours departure at 20:28, come at 23:05 hours
departure at 07:45, arrival at 10:28 hours departure at 09:18, come at 11:47 hours leave at 12:15, come at 14:45 hours exit at 19:20, come at 21:55 hours

Trains Granada-Almería

There are 4 trains from Granada come Almeria. The train arrives to Huércal-Viator, whereby you will certainly take a bus come Almería.

The ticket price is 20.80 one way and the journey takes about 3 hours.

Where come Buy Train tickets in Granada?

There room three means to buy your train tickets:1. Top top the Internet, on RENFE website In ~ Granada train station, whereby you deserve to pay by map or cash.Here friend can additionally get an ext information about ticket changes, refunds and bookings.3. Through telephone, call RENFE on 902 320 320 (this is no a free call number and it might be an extremely expensive native mobile phones).

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Granada Train Station

You can find much more information about car rental, locker,cafeteria and also other services in Granada Train Station.