Eevee is just one of the optimal favorite Pokemon that players can capture in "Pokemon Sun and also Moon". And also it"s not surprising since Eevee is just one of the few Pokemon that deserve to evolve right into 8 various Pokemon. Luckily because that players who desire to collection them all, we’ve got you covered. This overview covers where to find Eevee, and to evolve them into different forms.

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Where to find Eevee in Pokemon Sun and also Moon

Unfortunately, Eevee’s habitatis discovered on the second island in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" for this reason it"s going to take a while prior to you can gain your hands on it. When you’re ~ above the second island, you will be tasked to go to a Pokemon Ranch and you will find Eevee generate every as soon as in a when on your means there. Usually, it’s the area right before the Ranch. An additional known habitat is along path 5 however Eevee generally calls because that some aid so make certain you’re prepared.

How to Evolve Eevee come Jolteon, Vaporeon, and also Flareon

The very first three evolveof Eevee calls for stones in "Pokemon Sun and also Moon". Jolteon requirements a Thunder stone and you can discover one at the earlier of the caravan at the Fossil Restoration facility on route 8. If friend need much more you can go to Poke Pelago or buy it because that 3000 credits in ~ Konikoni city shops. Together for Vaporeon, friend will require a Water stone and you deserve to easily uncover one for cost-free on path 8 in the tiny island’s water. For Flareon, discover a Fire rock in the warm rock situated at the phibìc West edge of the Tunnel that Diglett. Friend will require a Tauros to obtain it out. If you need more you can get an additional at bag Pelago or buy that again because that 3000 credits in Konikoni City shops.

How come Evolve Eevee to Espeon and Umbreon

To evolve right into Espeon and also Umbreon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", you simply need to get the happiness value really high and also start the evolution throughout the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon. To see just how high the level of pleasure of your Pokemon is, visit Konikoni City’s market and also one the the civilization there have the right to tell just how happy her Eevee is. Usually, anything over 220 is currently good.

How come Evolve Eevee to Sylveon, Leafeon, and Glaceon

Now this evolution can be fairly tricky in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". You very first need come let your Eevee discover a fairy kind move and also get the to 2 hearts. If girlfriend did this right, girlfriend should gain a Sylveon as soon as Eevee level up. However, if you’re not certain of her Eevee’s level that affection, begin Pokemon update in the food selection to see Eevee’s profile.

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To gain Leafeon, you needto have actually Eevee in her party and go come Lush tropical which is close to Akala Island’s course 8. Go inside and look for the green rock that’s covered with moss and is soft come touch. Battle with wild Pokemon there till your Pokemon level up and then you’ll finally get Leafeon. The exact same goes for Glaceon but this time you will have to look for a Frozen absent that’s spanned in ice and also touching it might freeze you.

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