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Hello,My microphone has started to develop a high pitch noise. That doesn\"t protect against no issue if the microphone is muted or not, although it does stop when I unplug the microphone. Ns do believe that the trouble is no in the microphone itself, as when I plug it into my laptop, the high pitch noise is nowhere to be heard. Ns am using a headset, the microphone is not component of the headset itself. I have also tried to relocate cables far from audio cables v no success to getting rid that the noise.What might I execute to solve this issue?Thanks

Found a systems to my difficulty after putting hours into it. The difficulty ended up to be the realtek audio driver download from Asus (as I have an Asus z170 sabertooth mark 1). I merely uninstalled it and also downloaded brand-new Realtek audio drivers from Realtek\"s own site. The problem was instantly solved.

Found a systems to my trouble after putting hrs into it. The trouble ended approximately be the realtek audio driver downloaded from Asus (as I have actually an Asus z170 sabertooth note 1). I just uninstalled it and also downloaded new Realtek audio chauffeurs from Realtek\"s very own site. The problem was immediately solved.

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Thank friend so much, Juku80002! i was so irritable by this very same issue and spent lot time make the efforts to deal with the issue. Ns updated my Realtek driver and also the trouble is now solved. Thanks so much!!!!
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