NBA 2K17 supplies players customization alternatives for attributes, ability sets, appearance, jerseys, courts, arena’s and an ext than 1,500 designs in accessories. This NBA 2K17 advice will show you how to reset or modify your MyPlayer character in NBA 2K17 after producing him. Checkout the video walkthrough above as well!

From the NBA 2K17 key menuOptions/FeaturesSelect my Player AppearanceEdit your previously developed MyPlayer.Be certain to save as girlfriend exit!

VitalsEntering the Vitals menu, you can adjust the players name if you placed something random in right here when you an initial started the game or you feel like an altering stuff increase and change your favorite team i beg your pardon affects what team your on when you get in play now and also looking in ~ team rosters.

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Head PresetsThe Head Presets provide you 24 pre made encounters to pick from, if girlfriend don’t prefer sitting down and also customizing the million things you have the right to do to her players faceScan her Face

If you have actually a Kinect, you want to go to the Scan Your challenge menu to placed yourself in the game.Straight On/Profile SculptingStraight on and also Profile Sculpting determines how broad or close you want your eyes, nose, mouth, chin come be.Features

In Features, girlfriend can readjust how irradiate or dark you desire your character, his eye color, just how his eyes look. Below you can offer your character those martin Lawrence ears, just how pronounced you want your characters cheeks come be, the size of his lips, chin and also brow. You have the right to even adjust the style of unevenness to your face and rounding it out you deserve to put blemishes, discolorations, freckles and also pock point out on her MyPlayer.HairClicking ~ above the Hair menu, you have the right to play approximately with the wide range of hairstyles 2k has actually afforded us and also the hair color of your choosing.Facial Hair

In the face Hair section, girlfriend can offer your male them bushy eyebrows, a unibrow or no eyebrows in ~ all, go with 34 various beard styles, give you’re guy a little stubble, the pork chop or pencil sideburns, 8 various mustaches varying from the 14 year old young mustache to the erotic stache, and also lastly you can change the color whatever crazy combination you come up with.TattooAnd lastly the tattoo’s the you buy from the 2k save will present up here, where you’ll have the ability to place castle at one of 7 different locations on your body.So alright guys, hoped I assisted you location this menu and also where each of the menus within it are. And also if you prefer our content there’s much more to come therefore make certain to i ordered it if friend don’t want to miss any.

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