ns have developed a telecommunication application for locating signal strengths from the towers. I have actually used java swing and also I"m having actually a problem when drawing the circle roughly the given suggest of the mobile signal transmitter tower location. I have currently calculated the X, Y collaborates and additionally the radius value.

Please discover the listed below code which I"ve used to attract the circle and also it is having actually issues.

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JPanel panelBgImg = new JPanel() public void paintComponent(Graphics g) g.drawOval(X, Y, r, r); The problem is, it create the circle yet it didn"t take the X and also Y collaborates as the facility point. It take it the X and also Y works with as the top left point of the circle.

Could anyone please help me to attract the circle by having actually the offered X and also Y coordinates as the center allude of the circle.



The fillOval fits one oval inside a rectangle, v width=r, height = r you gain a circle.If you want fillOval(x,y,r,r) to attract a circle v the facility at (x,y) you will need to displace the rectangle by half its broad and half its height.

public void drawCenteredCircle(Graphics2D g, int x, int y, int r) x = x-(r/2); y = y-(r/2); g.fillOval(x,y,r,r);This will attract a circle with center at x,y


So we space all doing the same home work?

Strange how the many up-voted prize is wrong. Remember, draw/fillOval take height and width together parameters, no the radius. So to effectively draw and also center a circle v user-provided x, y, and also radius worths you would carry out something choose this:

public static void drawCircle(Graphics g, int x, int y, int radius) int diameter = radius * 2; //shift x and y through the radius the the circle in order come correctly center it g.fillOval(x - radius, y - radius, diameter, diameter);


Replace your attract line with

g.drawOval(X - r, Y - r, r, r)This have to make the top-left of her circle the right location to make the center be (X,Y),at least as lengthy as the point (X - r,Y - r) has both components in range.


JPanel pnlCircle = brand-new JPanel() public void paintComponent(Graphics g) int X=100; int Y=100; int d=200; g.drawOval(X, Y, d, d); ;you can change X,Y coordinates and radius what friend want.

import java.awt.Color;import java.awt.Graphics2D;import java.awt.Graphics;import javax.swing.JFrame;public class Graphiic windy Graphics GClass; windy Graphics2D G2D; publicly void Draw_Circle(JFrame jf,int radius , int xLocation, int yLocation) GClass = jf.getGraphics(); GClass.setPaintMode(); GClass.setColor(Color.MAGENTA); GClass.fillArc(xLocation, yLocation, radius, radius, 0, 360); GClass.drawLine(100, 100, 200, 200);
This paint, etc an arc v the center in the specified rectangle. You can draw, half-circles, quarter-circles, etc.

g.drawArc(x - r, y - r, r * 2, r * 2, 0, 360)
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